>Natasha’s Motivational/Spiritual Thought of the Day for 1.20.11

>Last night I attended church at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church and the Pastor, Bryan E. Crute shared some incredible words that stayed with me that I want to share with all of you. Regardless of your religious beliefs, what he shared can be very relevant in both your personal and professional lives. I paraphrased some of his thoughts below. Enjoy!

….Don’t try to manipulate God’s blessings to get what you want or what you think He has planned for you. Don’t compare yourself to other people, thinking that they are beyond where you are.

Don’t get involved in a contest with someone else.

Don’t get jealous of those you think are more evolved and successful than you, going farther than you think you are- God has a plan for you He hasn’t walked away from it or you- just stay focused on doing what you’re doing (what you’re supposed to do).

What God has for you is for YOU!

Wow…is that not a deep message? No matter if you believe in God, a higher being, a creator, or not…can’t we all agree that in life we need to be focused and centered on our game plan and not what someone else appears to have- or appears to be doing compared to us and our lives? Everything in life is relative- you think their grass is greener but what if they are thinking the same thing about your ‘yard’? Let’s focus on tending to our own ‘yards’ and not concern ourselves with anyone else’s property, purpose, or progress.

Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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