Adult FriendFinder Hacked and Some Cheating Spouses are Outraged by the Violation–Go Figure!

Okay so I tried to read the entire article without laughing but I didn’t make it half-way before I started giggling. 

Look folks, there’s absolutely nothing private and secret online or transmitted through our cell phones. Whatever you don’t want the world to see, don’t post it online. Hackers love our blatant stupidity. 

There are millions of Adult FriendFinder customers who are possibly feeling exposed, and not in the ways that they had hoped, thanks to a hacker that decided to do his own penetrating—pun intended. 

This isn’t a case of some husband and wife’s email accounts being hacked, and their “love notes” and “hot flicks” being exposed. No this is much deeper and crazier than that. 

By hacking Adult FriendFinder–the site that caters to people with fetishes, interested in swinging, threesomes, or just cheating on their spouse–there are a lot of people who thought they could romp around secretly by using an Internet website for sexcapades. 

I know it’s difficult to believe, but there’s nothing that is technologically impenetrable. Yeah I know, I keep doing it. I know. Just roll with me though. Smile. 

The hacker kicked in the doors of the site and targeted government employees because they were as he said, “easier to shame”.  

I’m scratching my head right now. Government employees, the people who could have more to lose than the average Joe or Jane, would ignorantly risk everything by posting all of their dirty wishes and naughty requests on a website. Huh? Hmmm…
Then I read this, “FriendFinder Networks Inc., parent company of Adult FriendFinder and other adult sites and publications including Penthouse, said in a statement that it had just become aware of the breach, and it is working closely with law enforcement and cyberforensics company Mandiant”. 

I’m shocked that they are just learning about this breach. I would think that a site that asked customers to provide credit card information, email addresses, usernames, passwords, birthdays and zip codes, in addition to their sexual preferences, would be more on top of their security measures—and being first to know of any and all breaches. 
Welp, ummm if you’re on Adult FriendFinder, and care about losing your job, family, and some other stuff—you might want to delete your pictures and info, and ummm close your account. Oh yeah and keep your tail off of and out of sources and situations that can expose your dirty little secrets. 

Now if on the other hand you could care less who knows what makes you tick sexually, or that you’re on hot pursuit of a new bondage conquest or sex buddy (while your spouse thinks you’re on the computer looking for family vacation ideas)—then get back to what you were doing; embrace your freedom and transparency!
Wanna read the article yourself? Here you go!

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