Can you Really See who is Viewing Your Facebook Page?

Can you really see who is viewing your Facebook page? The answer is no. Facebook has worked tirelessly to block apps from creating this feature within their system, and Facebook also claims that their company does not have this as an option. There are however plenty of folks out there trying to gain access to your account the moment you click on that enticing link. Have you seen the ads? Or maybe a status update from a “friend” that says something like, “Wow I can’t believe that I can really see who’s been viewing my page. You can see who’s viewing yours too by clicking here….”

Once you click that link then they (the crafty hackers posing as your friend) have access to post random updates on your account with the hope of luring your other curious “friends” into seeing for themselves who might also be checking their page. These clever hackers have access to almost do anything with your account, because just like the vampires in “Lost Boys” (remember that movie?) you have to invite them in, and in this case by clicking the link to an unverified source, you let them in to your private Facebook world.

So no, thank goodness there is no way of telling who has viewed your Facebook page, but there are apps to see who has unfriended you on Facebook. I did the research on both claims and even found a recent article that should be of use for those of you also fixated on both topics. Personally I could care less who unfriended me, just like I didn’t blink an eye when my little sister unfriended me. Heck we went to the nail salon the other night, so I think we’re still friends. She just couldn’t stand me being ‘big sis’ on her page, and telling her from time to time that she lost her everlasting mind. So she told me about one or two years ago, “I unfriended you”. I laughed. Okay cool. Next.

For me that is just one less person to manage and watch vent about the craziest (and silliest) of things.

Honestly people, do you really care who unfriended you? I mean, if you truly stayed in contact with them on a consistent basis wouldn’t it be easy to determine if they were still your Facebook “friend”? Once you find out they no longer want to be your “friend” what are you going to do, vent to the rest of your Facebook friends? Leave cryptic status messages that have everyone wondering, “what the heck is he/she talking about?” You know what I’m talking about, those one-liners like, “She’s got nerves!”, “You think you’re slick”, Or “You weren’t a friend anyway”. Honestly people, you set things in motion for others to then ask you, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Stop it. Please.

Let me also ask that you not lower yourself to the point of sending nasty messages to the person who had the audacity to “unfriend” you? Are they really worth the time and energy? Most importantly, what does it say about you?

So for those of you who are really intrigued by the idea of seeing who has viewed your profile you can get a LinkedIn account and every day you will see who checked you out, which makes me cringe every time I log in. I keep my Facebook account private so that the only people viewing me are the people who I have accepted friend requests from. If I’m wrong, then oh well. Enjoy. But not too much!

If you are really concerned by the stalker-like tendencies of some people then make your account private and update your security features so basically only certain people (and those awesome hackers) can see see those pictures of you that you don’t want your boss or co-workers to see; and those comments about your boss and co-workers that I’m sure you would prefer they not see especially while you still work there.

Or how about this, don’t open a Facebook account.

Hmmm and while on the topic of being careful what you post and who can view it, it may be in your best interest to not have an account with your real email, birth name, school, or place of employment if you intend to post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother, grandmother, pastor, priest, rabbi, co-workers or boss to see. Just a thought.

Hopefully between this post and the article I found you will be less inclined to click on one of those tempting Facebook links, and more inclined to lighten up while also being more thoughtful about what you post in social media outlets. Honestly I’m tired of hearing about your haters, stalkers, the cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, the job you hate (but wont quit and are terrified of being fired from) and the family members that you love today and hate next month. Why air your family’s dirty “laundry” anyway?

Instead why not share some pictures and stories of inspiration, suspense, love, happiness, celebration, and you can’t go wrong when you share some great pictures and recipes of delicious food and beverages. I’m a foodie so of course I had to throw that in the mix of options.

I love Facebook because I can stay in touch with my closest of family members, friends, and associates without sucking up the bulk of our day on the phone or trying to exchange emails with picture attachments. Now we can view and “like” pictures, videos, and comments in a matter of moments. I can see their children, homes, special moments, vacations, and their pets. They can see my dog Bishop Milo, and all the people, things and places that I love and that make me happy. Simple. No drama. No friend checking or tracking.

Nope I don’t want the entire world to see, this isn’t my Twitter or LinkedIn…this is my somewhat private Facebook world, so I keep as much private as I can and don’t post anything that I don’t want my grandmothers and pastor to see. From time to time I let new associates and acquaintances in as “friends” and see how that goes. If it doesn’t work, a simple click is all it takes to “unfriend” them, and maybe they will use one of those apps a few weeks or months later to realize this fact.

So you can “like” this blog post, share it, or not. Trust me I won’t be tweeting or posting any crazy remarks one way or the other. Oh, and no, I won’t be checking your Facebook page either!


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Metro Atlanta Residents Concerned About Falling Trees

We have all seen the huge trees lying on the road side, in power lines, or inside someone’s home after crashing through the roof or side of the house.

Did you hear about the truck driver who passed away after a tree crashed onto his truck while he was driving on I-20? Could you imagine driving and a huge tree fall on your vehicle? There’s no warning and no quick maneuvering, it just happens.

Cascade Patch has asked the question whether Metro Atlanta residents are concerned that more trees will come tumbling down due to high winds, storms, old age of the trees, and infestation from pests. In 2011, the city of Atlanta began studying the trees of Metro Atlanta and discovered that many are reaching their last years of their life cycle. The old trees are simply dying off.

The cost to remove a tree in Atlanta is expensive, and guess what? You must have a permit especially if you live in Atlanta city limits. How many of you have $3,000 or more to have a huge tree, like an Oak, removed from your yard? Now what if you have the money but then find out that your permit to have it removed is delayed or worse, denied?

People are nervous, scared, frustrated, and angry. Do you remember when owning property meant that you could do just about anything to the property because it was yours?

Now between city and county ordinances and homeowners associations your hands and feet are bound from doing most things.

Read the most recent story posted by Cascade Patch and then chime in.

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