My Loving Response to a Reader’s Comments About “Are You a Chump?”: Part One

Below is my response to a reader who commented on two separate occasions about my Are You a Chump? post. One of her comments were inadvertently deleted by my app, so I can’t share it here, but it’s okay because I had already drafted this response. Rather than a jumbo-packed comments section, I have decided to post this as a two-part post. Ready? Put on your seat belts…Here we go…

Ah Nephila there is no defensiveness on my part, and I won’t do a tit for tat with you so let me be clear and most definitely long-winded….Let me start off by saying that I’m married, so I’m not on some revenge soapbox trying desperately to blast away at my abuser. I’m also not here to defend anything. It’s not as though you were criticizing my blog or me personally. So I have nothing to defend. I’m also not a personal friend, family member, neighbor, colleague, or employee of ChumpLady, so it is not like I’m trying to defend her, her viewpoint, or her honor.

I think that when I used the words “you” and “your” to collectively mean “people” in general and NOT you specifically, you took it as an attack, so I apologize if that is how you viewed my responses because that was not my intent.

I’m just saying that ChumpLady is entitled to her viewpoint and entitled to present a blog for those people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you have the right to disagree and say you refuse to return to her site. I simply shared my viewpoint on what I and others have gained from her site, and I cleared up the misconception that she doesn’t provide any helpful advice to those who seek or opt for reconciliation with their cheater. No one will ever say that her site is a reconciliation site, because plain and simple, it’s not. But she does provide you her two cents on what she would do if placed back in reconciliation ‘shoes’.

Nephila, the tone of your comments inferred that she outright vilifies those who desire to reconcile with their cheater. In my humble opinion I think she just holds to her position that her site isn’t pro-reconciliation, it’s pro-survival, pro-self preservation, and about reclamation of self (inclusive of self worth and self esteem). She is indeed a spitfire so if you want a softer tone, ChumpLady is the wrong person to turn to.

I simply asked you had you visited her site recently. You never responded.

You twisted my words around when you referenced my use of the terms “weakness” and “strengths“, so let me clarify.

Being cheated on is not a weakness (of the cheated) and it doesn’t mean we’re weak, and I never said it was, nor did I quote ChumpLady as saying it was. I said that in our healing stages (and through resources like her site) we learn to flush out our weaknesses–the entry points that cheaters thrive off of and quickly manipulate, the areas that should be barriers but aren’t–and we learn to focus more on our strengths (like our radar that loudly sounds “Cheater alert, stay clear!”).

Nephila, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Most of us allow ourselves to be overly vulnerable to one or more people. It’s learning how and whom to be vulnerable with, and how even in our vulnerability to not be a doormat or toilet seat. Neither of those are rewarding and pleasant options in my opinion.

While healing, we learn to rewire our thinking while making sure our hearts do not harden and turn cold.

The only weaklings are the cheater and the people who willingly and knowingly cheat with them in betrayal of you, because even in their self-serving narcissism, neither of them have the courage to do the right thing (they only know what benefits them). The cheater does not have the spine to say upfront, “I don’t want to be in a monogamous relationship sexually, emotionally, or any other way–I want to be free to sample and explore all of the men/women of the world without being tied to one single person“. They don’t want us to have an option to be with them and someone else, or just go elsewhere and be with someone else exclusively. Their mistress (or boy toy) doesn’t have a strong enough spine to refuse to play a role in your betrayal. I won’t give either of them a pass for being weak and cowardly, like they couldn’t help themselves. They willingly made that choice.

This inability or should I more accurately say, their unwillingness, to man up or woman up, makes them weak and cowardly.

In our (the cheated) raw and exposed vulnerability, and our perceived inability (notice that I said “perceived”) to free ourselves from the grasp of a cheater, we can feel weak and exposed—especially if we felt we had a close bond with them. That is why it is easier for us to opt for reconciliation, oftentimes against our gut instincts, warnings from loved ones, and all of the red flags that say “this person has not changed for the better“. Oftentimes we jump in, “I can fix this” mode and forget that it takes two to make and break anything and everything, especially relationships. We have to both be willing participants, or it simply won’t work out.

Nephila, a person is strong and brave if they walk away from the cheater, just as they are strong and brave if they are willing to fully invest in a mutually reciprocated (and genuinely monogamous) relationship with the person who violated their trust, without spending the rest of the relationship trying to punish the cheater and those they cheated with.

From the numerous posts and comments that I have read, ChumpLady says that if you’re going to take that person back, make sure that you set rules and boundaries (and that both of you honor them), that you work on strengthening your communication skills with each other, and that you invest equally in the rebuilding of the relationship, and not just expect the cheater to do all the work (or vice versa). She also says that the tit for tat mindset of, “I’m going to cheat too and get my revenge,” also is a chess move for disaster.

A negative for a negative only makes a positive in math, but not love.

Basically, if nothing positive changes in the relationship, then nothing changes in the relationship, and you only set things in motion for another breach in your relationship–which could potentially have greater collateral damage.

Anyone who would say that you (the one cheated on) caused and should take responsibility for someone cheating on you can only be a cheater or out of their cotton picking mind! Those with good sense (and who aren’t brainwashed by their abuser) and who have been cheated on would never utter those words.

It is NOT your responsibility to own the actions and behavior of another person. It is NOT your fault when someone cheats on you. If you read any post from me that says that (from my viewpoint) please show me, because I can guarantee that I never said that–and I think that the spitfire “Rocky Balboa” aka ChumpLady wouldn’t either. That sounds like something that would make her turn violent. Visualize her reaction if someone tried to convince her that she was at fault for her ex’s cheating on her. Haaaaaa talking about a firecracker!

To spare your eyes and my other readers eyes, I will continue my thoughts in a second post. I hope that my position has now been perceived differently and more positive than the other day. I’m neither defending or trying to persuade or recruit, I’m simply clarifying my original post and subsequent dialogue with you. I’m also hopefully connecting with you. Have an awesome day Nephila. Wishing you nothing but the best in every area of your life!

Are You a Chump? Unfortunately, I Am But I’m Working on it

So most of you know how I feel about liars and cheaters. I’m one of those people who would rather sit next to an ax murderer who admitted to their crime, than spend any time with a liar or cheater (which they are oddly one in the same). At least the ax murderer is honest.

Just like the white supremacist who proudly tells me to my face that he hates me because of my color and race, I’m more accepting of that person, than the closet racist who smiles in my face, shakes my hand, but in the dark he can’t stand me and let’s his compadres know how disgusted he was having to engage with me—but yet he never says a word to me.

Hypocrite. Liar. Fraud. Coward.

That’s just how I feel. Be honest. The truth will always set you free. It may not feel good but at least you will be free and authentic.

I shared some time ago some hilarious, yet serious posts from the Chump Lady blog that I ran across. Being that I’ve been cheated on more times than I would care to admit, I had to admit that I’m what Chump Lady calls a “chump”.

Cheaters see, smell, and hear me years in advance of meeting me. That’s how it feels. They just sit back and wait to pounce. They want to see if they can actively pursue, capture, break, tame, and train me to be their chump. They want to see if they can break my rebel spirit and make me surrender to being ignorantly loyal to them while they betray me repeatedly with anything and everything that has a pulse.

What’s sad is, as a chump, I never learned the lesson to never ever ever tell your status as a chump and how you were chumped. All that does it give the cheater intel into how to break you down and make you their doormat. Every person who cheated on me used some of the same sociopathic moves of the cheater before them, how? Because I, the chump, shared the painful memories with them, and they said to themselves, “oh okay perfect, I will just do the exact same thing and maybe put a slight twist on it so that I can get the desired outcome“. So they do and I get hog-tied to a narcissistic-jerk-cheater, and then I fight to break the bond and run far, far away and never look back.

So it is refreshing to find a website that helps chumps reclaim their lives, address their chump issues, and work to no longer be chumps. This website helps you get through your stages of grief and healing because it’s filled with people who have walked in your shoes, and trust me, your story is not uniquely yours, you will be surprised how many people have gone through the same or similar experience and been told the same rotten garbage lies from their cheater. This site lets you know that you are not alone!

It feels good to hear from Chump Lady, a person who has been-there-done-that and got the chump awards to prove it, share her experiences and how she has gone through the healing stages and continues to work on herself with her new (also a chump) husband of several years. Chump Lady shares raw insights into the chump, cheater, and the other women/men that the cheater has been involved with. She breaks down the lies, truth, humor, as well as the idiotic, selfish, and narcissistic nature of the cheater and the ones they cheated with (who knew about you the entire time or most of it).

She also helps you through the journey after you have been freed from bondage and are trying to start anew with a new person. She wants to make sure that you’re not hypersensitive and quick to label every word and action of your new love as a potential cheat-signal, but that you are mindful and aware of the signs of cheating and symptoms of being a chump.

As a chump you feel stupid for being a chump, but you feel smarter and more empowered for finding this site and learning from Chump Lady and other fellow chumps from around the world.

If you aren’t sure if you’re a chump then visit Chump Lady. If you aren’t sure what to do once you realize that you are a chump (and possibly a habitual chump), then check out Chump Lady.

When you have been lied to, cheated on, and told that it’s just your imagination”, “it’s all in your head”, “you’re just being insecure and jealous”, “you’re just reaching”, “you’re just trying to sabotage a good thing”, “maybe it’s you that’s cheating and you’re trying to deflect onto me”, “if you spent more time doing XYZ instead of playing investigator, maybe our relationship would be stronger, that it’s your fault, or that “it’s not what you think“, their lover “always speaks highly of you, how could you say those awful things about them“, that their lover is “just a friend“, “I’m not cheating“, “this isn’t adultery“, “why are you snooping?”, “if you go digging, you will find something“, and other narcissistic ‘lines of crap’—all of which I have heard plenty of times, then you need to spend some quality time with Chump Lady, she will get you straight and on your way to a joy-filled, cheater-free life. I wish this site was around years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time, grief, painful lessons, yo-yo dieting, and a great deal more.

I share this with all of the chumps in the world. Those who know and those who aren’t sure. Chump Lady is free, raw, and uncensored group counseling for new, old, and recovering chumps. I hope it helps you in some way.


A Chump

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Intimacy and Energy: The Impact on All of Us

My friend Staci shared a post on Facebook by The Mind Unleashed. Now I’m not sure if this is original content by The Mind Unleashed, or if they are sharing information that they gathered elsewhere, so I can only credit what I have seen with my own eyes. I’m sharing this with all of you because it is not only deep, it feels so true–so poignant that I would be wrong to keep it for myself. I’m sharing it because I am a person who thrives off of energy and is very receptive of others energy. My insight and what some would call my “intuition” is extremely strong, so considering the blend of energy with others and how it not only impacts me but them is reason enough to share this with all of you.

My dad told me when I was a very young adult that I needed to always be mindful of those people who I was intimate with (and the depth of my intimacy) because if the numbers were great the magnitude of energy, emotions, and memories could cloud my thinking and being, and make it difficult to truly connect when I found the man who I saw as the “one”, my husband, my mate for life. He used to tell me something to the effect of (I will paraphrase to keep it toned down), “if you have sex with a lot of guys before marriage, when you do find your husband, the images of the ones from the past will flood your mind while you are trying to connect intimately with him. You may fail miserably at making that connection with the one person you were intended to love fully and spend the rest of your life with…”

How deep is that?!?

So today I share with you some powerful words delivered by The Mind Unleashed. After you read it please share your thoughts and be sure to forward this post to others so that we can create some healthy dialogue on this topic, and possibly rewire how and whom we are intimate with. Enjoy!


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours. Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be. -Lisa Chase Patterson 

We don’t mean practice celibacy or wait until you find “the one” or anything like that. Just be mindful of who you share your valuable energies with. 

The Mind Unleashed ॐ


The Mind Unleashed


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