Natasha’s Thought of the Day: My Definition of a Coward

A coward is a hilarious yet pitiful sight to see and experience. A coward hides behind aliases, anonymity, avatars, masks, lies, and other people. A coward yells loudly behind mommy’s dress and daddy’s coat, but never stands out and speaks up for the world to see. A coward spits venom like a serpent but is too scared to face those they attack. A coward has little to no self-esteem, self-worth, dignity, or grace, so lacking a spine they sneak around trying to drag others to their level. A coward will hide behind a title but never live up to it. A coward is never dependable, reliable, or consistent…except in their cowardice. They simply exist, but never live, and even in their existence they don’t leave much of an impression.

I’m not too sure if I should feel sorry for the cowards of the world, sympathy, or nothing at all. They are a sad group of people. They can never stand on their own, they can never fight their own battles, they can never truly lead, they always make excuses for their inadequacies, and blame others for their shortcomings. Cowards are always the victim, always the damsel in distress, always the ones needing saving, always the ones complaining about what’s wrong and why they can’t do something. The words, ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ begin and end their sentences, and sometimes their days.

Cowards live for revenge, wanting to pay back those who hurt them, but they don’t have the courage to actually face this person head on. Cowards like to pick fights, but never stick around for combat, or they find a way for others to join the fight so their weaknesses are never revealed. They are the ones who spread rumors and cause drama, but in a sneaky, cleaver kind of way–that always make them look innocent. They pretend to be someone they aren’t because they don’t have the courage to be who they were created to be. They are weak-minded, weak physically, weak morally, and weak spiritually. They live in constant darkness; for only in light can one find true strength. It’s no wonder why cowards always prefer playing devil’s advocate, because for them it is too great a mountain to climb reaching up towards hope, possibility, and excellence, when they can use less effort kneeling down towards mediocrity.

I have encountered many cowards in my time, some as recently as today, and I am amazed at how much time they have on their hands to focus their energy on doing absolutely nothing of relevance in our world–except in their minds. It is pitiful that these insecure people spend so many hours of their day thinking about me, plotting and planning against me, and envious of what I have that they wish they had. We all have had our run-ins with cowards like this. See, cowards have plenty of time and energy to spread lies and hate, try to destroy other people’s reputations, families and businesses,  yet they don’t invest the time and energy to bring goodness and love into our world. They don’t have the time and energy to make a positive contribution to society, yet they can waste all of their resources trying to drain someone else and destroy their dreams. They don’t have the time and energy to build, create, innovate, inspire, embrace, uplift, and shine. Yet they have the time and energy to tear things apart, destroy, manipulate, deceive, and play childish games. They have time to send stupid messages and make phone calls to others hoping to make them feel as miserable as they do; post idiotic things on the Internet for even the tiniest bit of attention; make claims without supporting evidence; and just take up much-needed space in the world. They eventually leave this world as they entered it and lived it…clueless!

I have more respect for the person who tries and fails, than the one who never tries. I have more respect for the person with bumps, bruises, cuts and burns from falling down in life, because in their walk I see that they found a way to get back up. I have more respect for the person who comes to me directly, without masks, anonymity and code names, and just speaks their mind. I have more respect for the person who comes right out and confronts me with the goal to fight, than sucker-punch me in the dark. I have no respect for a person who isn’t brave enough to stand up and speak their mind. I say what I want to say, and clearly say my name when I’m speaking. I don’t post to my blogs or anywhere else as “anonymous” or with some made up alias, or using a picture not mine, because I have the courage to speak up, speak out, and back up what I say. My parents didn’t raise a punk, so I don’t cower over like one. I’m no bully and I won’t be bullied–never have and never will!

So I have one last thing to say to the cowards of the world…you can say what you want and do what you want, because just like your anonymity, you really don’t exist!


Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

Natasha’s Thought of the Day 11.25.11

“A cheater  is a very insecure and  fearful person no matter if in a relationship, in business, with their taxes or on an exam. They don’t think they can measure up or handle the responsibilities and risks, so they take the coward’s route and try to slide by in life without having to put in the work, and without having to fully commit. Their pumped up arrogance eventually gets them caught and leaves their loved ones devastated.”

“They should instead work towards getting past their fears and insecurities, try doing their best and giving life their very best, even if they fall short. It pays to lead and live a dignified and honorable life rather than to be known as a cheater, slacker, half-stepper, fake, and fraud.” – Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

Sean’s thought: A Real Woman


Here’s a thought of the day originally posted on October 6, 2001 from my childhood friend Sean…a thought from a man…the opinion of a man…and he’s right on point. We MUST do SOMETHING and NOW!

 A “Woman” burned her bra for equality.

A “Woman” sat on a bus dog tired and help start a revolution.

A “Woman” walked miles to clean houses so her kid could go to college.

A “Woman” understands her body is a temple.

A “Woman” raised little girls to be A WOMAN.

Today, “Girls” are high on opinion and low on substance, fast to speak but slow to learn.

Tops are low but self-worth even lower.

Skirts/dresses to high and lack of respect higher.

The question is… what happened to the “WOMAN”?

Maybe its time to teach our GIRLS how to be WOMEN again.

Sean’s Thought: Definition of a Man

Thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean. Originally published on October 7, 2011.


Another lost creature on this planet is the MAN.

A MAN would fight if he had to but not because he wanted too.

A “MAN” would work till his hands were bloody to give his family food and shelter.

A “MAN” sat down his boys and told them to fight for the weak and the frail.

A “MAN” knew respect for your elders, your wife and kids meant respect for him.

A “MAN” had his word and it was enough.

Today, we have BOYS who are BIG on Words and low on SUBSTANCE, Bulging with Muscles but lack true STRENGTH, Full of OPINION but have no real IDEA.

Are PROUD to show their sons pictures but UNABLE to teach them PRIDE.

Question is… If the MEN are Boys who teaches the Boys to be MEN?


Sean’s Thought: Wisdom

A thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean. This was originally published on October 4, 2011.


When I was young we had grand and great-grandparents who we go visit and they would educate us about life in a way that 60-70-80 years of life could teach.

They were our mentors and buffers to life.

They are dead!

Today we have grandparents who are 30-40 years old who raise their grandkids instead of being visited by them.

We have lost the one thing that only time can give us from those we should love and trust: Wisdom.

What A Shame!

Sean’s Thought: Peace of Mind

Thought of the day from my childhood friend Sean, originally posted on October 10, 2011.
 Peace of Mind can only come with being at peace in your mind.
Accept the person you are but work hard to find the person you want to be.
Be mindful that people can lie and be deceitful but love them for who they are anyway.
Remember a journey can only end when you have completed but to complete it you have to take the first step.
Make today a peaceful one if only for your mind’s sake.

Sean’s Thought: Being a Leader

A thought for the day by my childhood friend Sean. This was originally posted by him on October 12, 2011.


We will all make mistakes in life, love and work.

We will all chose the path of least resistance when the other path was the right choice.

We will all go to the person who gives us what we want but not what we may actually need.

We all tell stories that make ourselves look the best way possible.

We are all human.

Be flawed but willing to work on you.

Be wrong but always work to make it right.

Be strong enough to search for the truth and what you need instead of what “you” need to hear.

In other words be more than human, be a Strong Person….. A Leader.

Sean’s Thought: Stop Enabling Your Children

A thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean…

Many of us ENABLE people especially loved ones under the title “love”.

To enable is to handicap the person through our own weakness to do what is right.

When we don’t make our children take care of their responsibilities such as kids we cripple them.

When Grandparents spend more time with grandkids while mom and dad are out hanging we cripple our kids.

When you give them money even though you know they blew their paycheck on lottery tickets and smokes we cripple our kids.

In short when we FAIL to make our children deal with THEIR consequences for THEIR actions we cripple them.

It takes strength to do the right thing it takes weakness to enable.