Memorial in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Postponed

Due to the threat of hurricane Irene fast-approaching the memorial dedication in honor of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr has been postponed until maybe September or October according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Capella Inspires

By Will Deyamport, III, MSEd

I started my doctorate at Capella University with a personal mission: to gain the knowledge-base and leadership skills necessary to obtain a leadership position in an education-focused entity, and to become a university professor. What that education-focused entity would look like has been my challenge over the past year and a half. But after speaking with a number of career specialists and figuring out what I want to do – as opposed to what I don’t want to do – I now have an answer.

I want to head an organization that leads the discussions about the cultural, social, and technological issues of our time. I am fueled by engagement and collaboration, and I want to be a part of an organization that fervently believes in the power of ideas to change how people think and live their lives. And as its leader, I plan on building a community of speakers, resources, open-courses, and conferences, featuring the world’s most innovative and passionate thought-leaders. From that I want to create a movement of like-minded persons – offline and across emerging and various digital and social media platforms.

Capella University has prepared me to be successful in such an organization because its focus on leadership, change management, organizational development, and problem-solving. I’ve also learned how to take research and apply it real-world situations. Most importantly, I’ve been encouraged to follow my passions and to lead with my strengths. Upon graduation, what I will take with me from Capella is a belief in the impossible and the confidence that I can be an effective and transformative leader in the 21st century.

Guest Blogger Bio:

Will Deyamport, III, MSEd is the founder of PEOPLEGOGY – a blog that focuses on life and career developments. Will is a Family Life Educator whose passions include getting people excited about their lives and digital and social media. In addition to his 11 years of experience in education, he has interned with the likes of Ingrid Stabb and J. T. O’Donnell. Will is a doctoral student at Capella University and is a monthly contributor to MyPathfinder Career Blog, where he writes about higher education. You can find him on Twitter at @peoplegogy.

Ethiopia: Ten Children Die Every Day in Refugee Camp

Death rates among Somali refugees who have entered Ethiopia to seek
succour from famine has reached alarming levels, the United Nations
refugee agency reported today, saying that while malnutrition was the
greatest concern, a suspected outbreak of measles was responsible for
many deaths.

Carolyn Young Mentor Walk September 10th at Agnes Scott College

The inaugural Carolyn Young Mentor Walk will be held at Agnes Scott College on September 10, 2011. It is a 1.5 mile walk around the campus of Agnes Scott. The Mentor walk is open to anyone from the community who would like to take part. The Mentor Walk is designed to have college students, who will serve as role models, walk with their younger peers, parents, guardians, current mentors, and the rest of the community on campus to inspire the youth to finish school and attend college.

The walk will also provide mentors from different groups with an opportunity to meet and share their experiences, stories, and tips.

For more information about the walk or to register, please visit:

Men Can Soon Experience Motherhood in a Unique Way

Ladies, wouldn’t it be nice to share every aspect of your pregnancy experience with your husband/boyfriend? Men, aren’t you interested in connecting with the mother of your child on a unique level where you can feel the discomfort, weight gain, imbalance,  joint pressure, fetal kicks, etc? Now it’s possible with Takayuki Kosaka’s “Mommy Tummy” pregnancy suit. Yes, you read that right.

The suit was designed at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) in Atsugi, Japan, and some says it resembles a bullet proof vest or the heavy vest that is used when you have dental X-rays.  It even has a bladder in the belly that fills up with water, simulating the growth and average weight of Japanese babies. Similar pockets in the chest expand to simulate breasts filling with milk, and yes, there is simulated technology in the stomach that produce the feeling of a kicking baby (which can be calmed by gently rubbing the stomach).

This is definitely an advancement in technology from earlier models by other designers who merely replicated the increasing weight gain mothers undergo. This suit goes for the gusto, and they hope to eventually create a remote device that will allow men to feel the baby kick at the same time mommy does. Isn’t that a cool concept?

Now all they need is to develop a way to share with men the feelings of nausea, those crazy cravings like sardines and peanut butter, starch and chalk, and what’s a pregnancy suit without experiencing the big one…labor?!? To seal the deal, if men can begin to empathize with pregnant women and the ups and downs of carrying one or more babies at one time in a compact space that keeps stretching until it feels like there’s no more room to grow, then those nine months probably wouldn’t feel as bad…probably!

Check out the full story and see pictures of the “Mommy Tummy” for yourself:


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Natasha’s Economic Quote of the Day 8.11.11

“I’m not sure about man’s economic climate, but God’s economic climate is beyond awesome…so I will stay focused on and rely upon His forecasts…”
-Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Are You Prepared for Battle Against Email Predators?

Saturday I received an email solicitation considered spam, and plain and simple…a scam to rip me off for every red cent I have. What is sad is that this person, group, or whatever, chose to play upon my emotions by connecting me mentally to the disaster that took place in Japan not too long ago. I laughed as I shared this email with one of my closest friends, because for years we have (and I’m sure most of you have) received numerous emails from scam artists claiming to have access to millions and billions of dollars from bank accounts in Nigeria, Australia, and elsewhere.

This was my first Japanese scam, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. But I wanted to share this with people so that we can share with others who may be less inclined to see this for what it is…nonsense! I want those who don’t connect their head quickly with their heart to realize that by making contact with this person or persons they will most definitely end up penniless in the process. Our elderly and naive have been warned about Nigerian and Australian scams, but who’s telling them to keep watch for the scams being drafted with preconceived images of noble, upright, dignified, and elite Japanese?

Who is telling them that they aren’t randomly being selected to receive any money, but instead have been randomly selected to be made a fool of and robbed of their hard-earned money, by some people who may not even be Japanese? Ever thought that maybe the Nigerian emails you’re receiving aren’t even drafted and sent by Nigerians? Heck they could be sent by Joe Blow from some city right here in the good ole’ US of A. It’s a possibility.

If someone wants to risk losing their money on a whim and a wish, then they might as well clean out their bank account and place their bets on the lottery, or try things out at a casino. At least with both of those scenarios there is some level of excitement brewing as your hopeful payout will come immediately or in a matter of 1-5 days, and you have face-to-face interaction with the person who is taking your hard-earned money. So hopefully you will share this post with other people, especially those you know who are naive and would be gullible enough to give out all of their personal information to a complete stranger.

As you read the letter below identify the dead giveaways and red flags. I removed part of this person’s email address so that no one would feel inclined to make contact, and possibly have their computer hacked or crashed in the process. The only way to protect ourselves from predators is to be informed, educated, cautious, and prepared.


———————————–Email Message Below———————————-


I am aware that this is certainly an
unconventional approach of starting a
relationship but I believe knowing each other
starts from a step of which I believe I am not
making a mistake exposing this very important
business to you.

I am Mr. Itsuki Yoshitomi Head of Account Dept.
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Japan. I am
contacting you base on the disaster that erupt
my country, Fukushima, Japan .It happened
that a credible customer of my bank lost his life,
entire family and property in that disaster. My
late customer left (US$21 Million equivalent to
(JPY)170,688.000.00 Million Yen) in his account.
My government is proposing bank account
update for every account holders in my country.
Any account without living heir or claimant will be
send into the Government treasury. I do not
want the funds to be transfer into the
Government treasury because it will also go into
the pocket of the individual in high
Governmental position.

I am soliciting your attention to receive these
funds on my behalf as everything is under my
power. My purpose of contacting you is because
my status would not permit me to do this alone.
You have to take it very serious and contact me
with all manner of sincerity.

ontact me Cvia my secured email on

When you reply this message, I will send you
the full details about my late customer and the


Mr. Itsuki Yoshitomi
Pray for Japan!!

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Hate Spewed at POTUS Growing Out of Control

Racial slurs, undertones, and caricatures made about our President is now barely stopping shy of calling him the “N” word, and I don’t mean “nerd”. When will we demand more from our political leaders? When will we begin to hold them accountable for what they say and do?

Read the most recent backhanded and racially charged statement made against our President. Dr. Boyce Watkins takes on the incident and shares his viewpoint. His post below:

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