Rainbows After Storms

By Natasha L. Foreman

Two days ago the southern region of the U.S. was tossed, turned, and in some places flattened by tornadoes that destroyed property, took innocent lives, disturbed the livelihood of thousands, and caused sleepless nights for so many. As people try to breathe and take in how to rebuild from this catastrophe one thing that Americans and the rest of the world can say is that we will rebuild as we always do.

Ironically, with turmoil on our homeland thousands and possibly millions of people tuned in to their television early this morning (while I slept) to watch a couple, several thousand miles away, Prince William and his bride Kate get married in a stunning and breathtaking wedding that gave chills to anyone who watched his father and mother wed in the 1980s. I saw the wedding this afternoon as it was re-broadcasted (as I knew it would).

I share this wedding today not to overshadow the devastation in the southern states of the U.S. but to share what my dear friend John Hope Bryant always says, “rainbows follow storms…you can’t have a rainbow without first having a storm…” and with that I say to those in the south who are shaken, rattled, fearful, and in pain- know that your rainbow will come. Today Prince William has a rainbow over him and his new wife; a kiss from his mother reminding him that she is and always will be with him, his wife, his brother, and his future children.

William and his brother Henry were devastated when their mother’s life was cut short at such a youthful age in an awful car crash. In her memory, her honor, and through her legacy these young men have pushed through life (sometimes stumbling) trying their best to give to all in need, to stand as representatives of their mother and make her proud that she raised them well, and to show that even in a catastrophe we can survive and rebuild.

We wonder what the amazement is with the royal family and I now see it clearly, even though we have become so modernized and focused on innovation and technology, we still are rooted in old world traditions- we still come from a time and place where family means everything and where lineage and legacy is of great importance; where taking care of and having respect for your family name is a priority- and we silently yearn for reclamation of this tradition in our own country.

We yearn for this in a land where grandmothers are as young as 28 (and their children are unwed), where fathers are absent from the home, where mothers aren’t sure who the fathers are, and where “sexy” is wearing the least amount of clothes, dancing the “freakiest”, and having the “flyest ride”- instead of having the best grades in school, getting academic scholarships, and having respectable and legal careers.

We live in a land where children as young as 10 think they are “sexy”, girls call themselves “Barbie”, guys claim their “pimps” and want to “make it rain”, where gangs and drug dealers run rampant killing generations of all nationalities; where the elderly are cast away in nursing homes and rarely visited, and where our children are doped up on drugs for attention deficit and hyperactivity instead of raised, nurtured and counseled properly. We live in a land where we’re more concerned with what we are against instead of standing together in what we are for. Instead of coming together to rebuild, we remain divided playing the blame game.

In many ways the royal family represents what once was, not so long ago, so the world clings to them and their image as a sign of hope.

So I say again, even though the loss of life is the greatest from a single day of tornadoes in the U.S. since April 1974 we can and we will rebuild. We can and we will honor the memories of those who passed away a few days ago. We can and we will rejoice, persevere, survive, and strive in every aspect of our lives. Let us take this time to bring our extended family of neighbors together as we pick up the pieces and start anew.

Photo Credits:
Pictures of Prince William and Kate wedding: Natasha L. Foreman as taken of rebroadcast by PBS-WETA

Car and rubble in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Amanda Sowards, Montgomery Advertiser, via AP

Birds-eye view of devastation at Rosedale Court housing community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Dusty Compton, The Tuscaloosa News, via AP

Teen mom: blog4parents.com

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Conversation with Congressman John Lewis- Part One

This past Saturday I attended the “Candid Conversation with Congressman John Lewis” and the Women of the 5th Congressional District at the Rialto Center at Georgia State University. The conversation was moderated by Spelman College President, Dr. Beverly Tatum. Joining Lewis and Tatum were State Representative Stacey Abrams, Dr. Cynthia Pierre, Ms. Portia Wu, and Dr. Julie Hotchkiss.

I was there under two capacities, first as a concerned citizen and business woman, and secondly as a Board member (Director of Communications and Marketing) for the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter (YWTF-ATL) to see how our organization can serve as collective change agents within Metro Atlanta.

I have written part one of a two-part series about this event that you can read at the YWTF-ATL blog: ywtfatlanta.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/report-from-the-5th-congressional-district-part-one/
Check it out and be sure to “like” the article and share it with your network. You can also view pictures from the event on my site natashaforeman.com

It’s important that women are literate in finance, taxes/taxation, politics, health and wellness issues, employee rights, and business- we shouldn’t be narrowly focused on being equally literate as men, but we should be concerned with increasing our literacy so that we can stop deferring to men and sheepishly allowing them to control every conversation that falls outside of our stereotypical parameters.

I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment.

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Natasha L. Foreman Quote of the Day 4.26.11

“…our adversity isn’t an excuse to let life pass us by or a crutch to coast through life doing and expecting the bare minimum, but a reason and motivation to excel and succeed.”

-Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Speaking to 9th grade girls at the Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy on April 15, 2011

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