This Woman At Wal-Mart Goes Off On A Family For Using Food Stamps! [Video]

This woman, captured on video, decided it was her right as an American to try and tear down this man’s dignity because he paid for grocery’s at WalMart with food stamps. 

In her all high-and-mighty elitist tone she actually makes me feel that she’s more resentful that she doesn’t qualify for food stamps, because she’s most likely in that group that makes too much for government assistance but not enough to breathe each month. 

So rather than finding productive ways to gain the added push up the economic ladder, she decides to be a crab in a barrel and blame someone struggling worse than her. 

She doesn’t know this man’s situation. She doesn’t know if he was laid off and has been struggling to get a job. She doesn’t know what’s going on in this man’s life, and honestly although it’s none of her business—she would’ve garnered more respect if she carried herself with dignity and grace, and actually sympathized with this man—because how many men who take care of their families, actually want to see their family struggle? How many are proud about having to get outside assistance to take care of their families? The vast majority of men take pride and honor in being able to protect and provide for their families. She treated this man like he was some kind of criminal. 

She should be thanking him for not abandoning his family when times got tough, like some other men and women do. She should be telling her son, that “even in struggle stand with your family like this man is…we need more examples like him”. Because guess what? We do. 

No, instead she passed judgment. 

This man wasn’t parading around glamorizing his situation. Nope, the nosy, arrogant, obnoxiously opinionated woman decided to show her tail (in front of her son) in public. 

Wouldn’t the karma cycle be seen as ironic if in the future her financial situation takes a downward spiral and she’s faced with accepting food stamps, or watching her child starve? 

How would she then feel if someone berated, shamed, and tried to pick and tear at her dignity?

What goes around always comes back around.