Are Women Wired to be Better Entrepreneurs than Men?

According to Bonnie Baskin, founder of ViroMed and AppTec Labs women are wired to be better entrepreneurs.

Why is that?

Well read her interview with Robert Jordan (Author of “How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America”) and then share your thoughts and insight.

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American Jobs Act: Get Your Questions Answered and Engage with the Obama Administration

Source: The White House

This week, there are two exciting ways to get your questions answered and engage with the Obama Administration about the American Jobs Act.

Today, President Obama will participate in a Town Hall with the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn. The President will answer questions about jobs and the economy, and hear directly from LinkedIn members live from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

What: Putting America Back to Work: LinkedIn Presents a Town Hall with President Obama When: Today, September 26th at 2 p.m. EDT / 11 a.m. PDT
Where: Watch it live on

Learn more
On Wednesday, September 28th, President Obama will take questions live, during an Open for Questions roundtable from the White House. The President will answer questions about issues that matter most to the Hispanic community and all Americas – the economy and job creation, education, health care, fixing the broken immigration system and more.

What: President Obama Participates in an Open For Questions Roundtable with Yahoo!, MSN Latino, AOL Latino and HuffPost Latino Voices
When: Wednesday, September 28th at 11:25 a.m.
Where: Watch it live on

Learn more and submit a question:

Don’t want to wait to ask a question?

Here’s a Q&A blog postfrom Jon Carson, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Engagement:

You can also visit for more information, including the full text of the American Jobs Act.

Last Night…

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Last night the state of Georgia executed, killed, did away with, murdered, took the life of a man who (although) was also charged with murder in 1989 and convicted for this crime in 1991, professed his innocence until he took his last breath. Although several witnesses recanted their statements as early as 2000, some claiming coercion and intimidation by law enforcement, it was not enough in the eyes of our government. Although more evidence shedding even more doubt in his case surfaced in 2010, no one with the autonomy to right this wrong changed their mind. The state of Georgia and the U.S. Supreme Court were presented with evidence that could have exonerated Troy Davis of the murder of police officer, Mark MacPhail; but the stay of execution was denied.

What breeds inside the person who can turn a blind eye to justice, and still okay the killing of another human being? How many people have been killed in the name of “justice” just for our ‘judges and officials of justice’ to later see they were wrong…even though they will never admit it? Instead they say something to the effect of, “…newly uncovered evidence…exonerating the inmate…” or they say something like “…misplaced evidence…now proves that…did not commit the crime of…” but they never accept responsibility for taking that person’s life, instead they hide behind, “we made our decision based on the evidence we had before us…”. They stand behind this cowardly message even when new evidence or recent proof of tainted evidence brings to light enough reasonable doubt or solid justification to not impose a death sentence.

What about the families involved on all sides of this equation? The victim’s family. The accused’s family. The family of the jury. The family of the judge. The families of the warden, prison guards, governor, pardons and parole board, Supreme Court Justices, etc. There are so many people affected by the decision to end someone’s life. Who truly in the end feels “better” at the thought that they took part in taking another person’s life? Who truly sleeps “better and more sound” knowing that they were okay with another human being dying?

The day after the execution does breakfast taste better? Does the sun shine brighter? Do the birds chirp more beautifully? Does traffic dissipate smoothly? Do the bills stop coming in and the bill collectors stop calling? Does all doubt cease to exist? Does the aching pain simply go away? Does the victim of the crime resurrect and return home to their loving family?

I’m not trying to make light of the fact that a victim lost their life, I’m stressing the point that how does taking someone else’s life (not even with our own hands) make us feel any better? How does it help with our healing process? How can we really ask God, our Creator, our Maker, for forgiveness and mercy when we can’t even forgive and be merciful?

Is it really justice?

In that case, why don’t we amend our voting ballots to give voters the option to select who they think would do a better job enforcing the death penalty? Not just merely vote for the candidate who claims to support it, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and find out how passionate and committed they truly are about taking another person’s life. Why don’t politicians say, “vote for me because I will make sure that the person accused of harming your loved one gets executed switfly”? Or “vote for me because I believe that if they kill someone you love they should fry until they smoke”. Or how about, “vote for me because I believe that as soon as the accused is convicted we should execute them immediately. Why wait years listening to appeals when we know they did it?”

Why must we spend so much money on lethal injections, electrocutions, etc? Why don’t we amend our laws to allow immediate execution upon conviction? Why don’t we just take the inmate outside with the victim’s family and witnesses seated nearby and we have the ‘executioner’ walk out and put a few rounds from a .45 automatic in the person’s head and chest? Then the medical examiner can walk over, check for vitals and declare the man or woman deceased; the cleaning crew can come wheel the dead inmate away and sanitize the area; and everyone can go back to their daily routine? Isn’t that swift justice? Or is it that society gets a kick out of the slow agony of our most used execution practices?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic and facetious. Did I prove my point?

Why are we okay with the death penalty? This isn’t even Old Testament “eye for an eye” and it’s definitely not the New Testamant form of justice. Can someone show me other religious text that declares this is the right form of justice, done the correct way?

With so many cases over the years and recently of, ‘oops we executed the wrong person’ when is it NOT okay to execute an inmate? When does pride, arrogance, revenge, and the deep sadistic nature within get put aside for rational, compassionate, forgiving, critical-thinking-type logic?

Another man, son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin murdered in the name of justice. God have mercy on us!

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South Africa: Parents Talk Openly About Sexuality and Relationships

Children and young people continue to lack accurate and comprehensive
knowledge of HIV and how to avoid sexual transmission of HIV. The
silence around sexuality in general and children’s sexuality in
particular generates misconceptions, myths and misinformation which
contribute to children and adolescents risky sexual practices.

Don’t Forget to Participate in the Inaugural Carolyn Young Mentor Walk!

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes this Saturday, September 10th as we participate in the inaugural Carolyn Young Mentor Walk at Agnes Scott College. It’s a short 1.5 mile walk (only 6 laps if you were walking around a track) but it will have benefits that can last a lifetime.

Registration begins as early as 7:45am. The walk begins promptly at 9am, and after-walk festivities begin at 11am.

The walk is hosted by Agnes Scott College and the Campus Community Partnership Foundation. It is designed to have college students serve as an inspiration to younger males and females, as we join together to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of mentors and mentor programs. It also provides an opportunity for prospective mentors to learn more about mentoring and hopefully connect with various organizations that provide mentoring programs; and it promotes healthy living through exercise as we all get our bodies moving outside and away from the sofa, bed, computer, television, video games, and refrigerator.

This walk is named in honor of Mrs. Carolyn Young who has been recognized with numerous awards and honors for her outstanding teaching career in Atlanta Public Schools. Mrs. Young has been a trailblazer in Atlanta and has paved the way for many educators, young adults, and children in numerous communities.

Join us as we walk to bring mentors and mentees together, so that we might encourage students to stay in school and further their education, and live a healthy lifestyle for an even brighter future.

Agnes Scott College
141 East College Avenue
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(404) 471-6000

Regular walker- $40
Agnes Scott Faculty & Staff- $10
College Student- $20
Agnes Scott College Student- FREE
Primary & Secondary School Student- FREE

All students and faculty must show proper school identification at the check-in table the day of the race. All other adult registrants will need to show some form of picture ID to participate in the walk.

For security reasons, if you are not registered to walk toy will NOT be allowed to participate in the mentor walk this Saturday.

To register for the walk visit:

For more information about the walk, its sponsors and more visit:

If you can’t attend the walk but would like to make a donation, please visit:

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Melvin Lee Davis: From Tokyo to California

September Tour Dates

1 – 5 Lee Ritenour & Mike Stern @ Tokyo Jazz Festival
Dave Weckl & John Beasley (

7 Derek Bordeaux @ Original Mikes (

9 Derek Bordeaux @ Salt Creek Grille (

10 Gerald Albright in St Paul, MN (

14 Derek Bordeaux @ Original Mikes (

16 Lee Ritenour in Livermore, CA

17 Lee Ritenour in Napa, CA

21 Derek Bordeaux @ Original Mikes (

28 Derek Bordeaux @ Original Mikes (

29 Derek Bordeaux @ Salt Creek Grille (

30 Derek Bordeaux @ Salt Creek Grille (

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Sudan: 20,000 Refugees From Sudan’s Blue Nile State in Ethiopia, Numbers Rising

A UNHCR assessment team returned yesterday from the Assosa region of
western Ethiopia, where refugees have been arriving since late last
week amid fighting across the border in Sudan’s Blue Nile State. The
refugee population has swollen to around 20,000 people, and as our
team was there more were arriving.

Girls are Still Being Told They are Too Pretty to be Smart

So I wasn’t surprised to read that more retailers have suffered from major foot-in-mouth or foot-in-rear syndrome as they have pressed and marketed t-shirts and other novelty items to young girls that basically tell them that it is more advantageous to focus on their looks than their intelligence. These messages also tell them that they aren’t as smart or smarter than boys, and guess what? It sends the same messages to boys who grow up to be men who think this way. Then women like myself have to deal with this ignorance throughout college and our careers. I’m in my mid-30s and I still have to prove that I’m intelligent and capable of playing with ‘the big boys’, while a man with a fraction of my intellect just needs to show up.

So what are retailers up to now? Well a few months ago it was the “I’m too pretty to do math” t-shirt by David & Goliath and let’s not forget the “Trophy Wife” t-shirt; I’m sure every parent sits back and hopes that their daughter grows up to be a trophy wife (yes, I’m being facetious). The more we struggle to break down these stereotypical images of females, the more guck and muck that flies up from companies that know better, but see the benefit of earning the buck more than doing the right thing.

So why would J.C. Penney get caught up in the cross-hairs of this nonsense with their “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me” t-shirt? I’m not sure. Obviously they missed the memo that said gender stereotyping is a big no-no. They were smart enough to pull the shirt from stores once the backlash from consumers gave them whiplash. Lesson learned? I hope so.

Here’s the crazy thing, retailers could actually make MORE money by producing and marketing positive images and messages of girls and women than they do with this other nonsense. Think of how many t-shirts you would buy for every young girl (or even boy) you know if it read, “I work hard in school so I can have the career of my dreams“, or “Need a tutor? I get A’s in Math“, or “You can have sexy, I’ll be your boss soon“. There are so many ways to show young girls and boys that being intelligent is smart and is a highly attractive quality not only for a future spouse -which they shouldn’t be concerned with until their in their 20s, (but realistically we know they obsess over as young as age 13) but also for future employment opportunities.

Of course I’ve included the link (see below) to the article that shares the J.C. Penney story and more. I’m thrilled to read in the article that entrepreneurs are jumping into the business to produce positive images and messages for our children to see and model, such as the “Pretty’s got nothing to do with it…Redefine girly” t-shirt.

If we are truly concerned with the future of our world and the children who will be tomorrow’s leaders, then we must take responsibility for the images they see and the messages they hear…we are all role models!



Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. Paradigm Life.