AJC Covers the Women 2 Women Conference in Atlanta

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

As a member of the Women 2 Women Conference host committee, it was great to hear about and see the write up by Ernie Suggs of the AJC for this year’s conference. I’m honored to serve as a Session Coordinator this year, and I’m excited to see, meet, reconnect, and hear these amazing women share their thoughts, advice, challenges, stories, and words of encouragement this Saturday.

To register for the conference after reading this article please visit: women2womenconference.com

Below please find excerpts from the original AJC post:

Conference will allow women to share life lessons

by Ernie Suggs

Maya Angelou, whose words have inspired millions, including presidents, kings and Oprah, will be in Atlanta on Saturday to inspire women.

Angelou will be the keynote speaker at the “Women 2 Women 2014 Inaugural Conference: Intergenerational Life Lessons & Legacies,” sponsored by Young Eventions Group, an Atlanta-based nonprofit mentoring organization for women.

+ Jenni Girtman

Conference will allow women to share life lessons

Angelou has written more than 20 books, including “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” one in a series of autobiographies; “Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Die,” which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; and “Letter To My Daughter.” In 1993, President Bill Clinton selected her to compose a poem for his inauguration, which ended up being her most iconic work, “On the Pulse of the Morning.”

The day-long conference will be held at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. According to founder Sonjia Young, the conference is “designed to bring women together across generations to share life lessons and experiences that will inspire and empower attendees to transform their lives and be a catalyst for change in the home, community and in the workplace.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ernie Suggs chatted with the 85-year-old Angelou about the conference and what the inspirations will be.

+ Mary Altaffer

Conference will allow women to share life lessons

Why is this particular conference important to you?

It is quite important to women and to girls, but also to men and boys. The program hopes to encourage young women to believe in their own self-worth. When women don’t feel worth, they can’t insist upon it. Then men treat them the way they like. The conference hopes to develop a desire to be worthy of good treatment. And, with that, the health of the family is increased.

If there is a thinking that women are not feeling worthy of anything, when did that shift happen?


Conference will allow women to share life lessons

The shift is going on now, but it didn’t just start. There was a time when women could not vote or own property – black, white and all persuasions. We have come a long way. We now have women heading important Ivy League colleges. We are thinking about Hillary Clinton in 2016. But that doesn’t mean we have come all the way. It shows that we need to grow in a sense of self-worth and a fair place.

What is it about your writings and words that continue to inspire and motivate people?

I have lived long enough that I should know something. In a few months I will be celebrating my 86th year on this earth. As soon as you know something, you should give it away. I used to think of myself as a writer who could teach. But really, I am a teacher who can write. As soon as you know something and you have tried it, tell it to someone. Also, never fall in love with a position. Have enough courage to change.

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Angelou’s birthday celebration

Is courage important to you?

For more details about the Women 2 Women Conference, or to register online:

Source: AJC.com

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Wanna Ride a Porsche Bicycle?

I just read an article that aims to highlight some new Porsche news. Some people love the idea, while others find it humorous that Porsche has plans to crank out premium-line bicycles, supposedly speaking to the environmentalist and the cycling junkie. The cost is going to be high, and has yet to be announced. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this all-or-mostly carbon bike doesn’t start off around $10k for the base model.

Despite what the article headline says, I don’t think that Porsche was primarily concerned with environmental responsibility when they made the decision to branch into bicycle development. I think that it’s an additional revenue stream, and as long as the quality of the bikes are up to par with the beloved Porsche vehicles, then they can check this “box” also. It’s about being competitive and meeting consumer wants and needs. If you can build it and people will buy it, then do it.

I’m a Porsche girl. I have been since I was knee-high. So I understand that some Porsche enthusiasts will buy one of the bikes just-because. Some may see it as a collector’s item, others just to show off, and then a small group will actually put their butts on the saddle and ride. At the end of the day, none of us need a Porsche-anything. But we love the thrill and excitement that comes from having it. It’s instant gratification that you get to feel over and over again. Something you just don’t get from chocolate or ice cream. To say, “I have a Porsche mountain bike” or, “I have a Porsche hybrid bike” may give some folks goosebumps.

What do you think? Would you invest in a Porsche bike? Read the original article and then share your thoughts.


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Memorial Services for Edward Menifee: Gone but Never Forgotten

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

Edward Menifee of Stockbridge, passed away in Atlanta, Georgia on February 7th of complications from cancer, at the age of 69.

Mr. Menifee was heavily involved in the community and in various organizations. He was a lifelong member, volunteer, and board member of the Atlanta Business League. He served as their Executive Vice President from 1986-1990.

Mr. Menifee was the Founder of the South West Atlanta Youth Business Organization (SWAYBO) which got it’s start in 1974. He was also the President of Southeastern Management and Business Development Company, and a Coordinator for the State Bar of Georgia.

Those are just a few of the roles he played in the community and within organizations. He stayed active even as he fought cancer. Mr. Menifee was known for saying and believing that everyday was the best day of his life. That was how he lived his life, to the fullest, even his days in the hospital before passing away, his interaction with the hospital staff was filled with them them coming into his room for motivation, “…because that’s what he gave them, motivation….But for Ed is what more than motivation, it was life” his wife Michelle told the AJC.

Mrs. Menifee also told the AJC that she believes that all of his hard work will continue even though he is no longer physically here, and that, “He empowered enough people in the community that these things will live on,” she said.

A memorial service is planned for 11 a.m. Saturday, February 20th at Elizabeth Baptist Church, 4245 Cascade Rd, Atlanta.

Willie A. Watkins Historical West End Chapel was in charge of cremation arrangements.

To send your condolences please visit the online memorial.

To read more about the late, great Edward Menifee, view the write up in the Atlanta Journal- Constitution.

Edward Menifee is physically gone from this level of existence but his work, life, mantra, and legacy will live on, and never be forgotten.

Atlanta Business League

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Legacy Guestbook to send Condolences:

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An Enticing Book Review by M Jones: Yours Forever

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

My friend and writer, MJones, recently published her review of the book Yours Forever, written by Farrah Rochon.

While reading the review I was instantly drawn to the characters and storyline, and felt both a need to share her review but also purchase the book. Check out the MJones review below and tell me if you feel the same way:

[Review] Yours Forever by Farrah Rochon

by MJones

Rochon takes us to sleepy, quaint Gauthier Louisiana, where everybody knows your name, where you come from and who you’re sleeping with. When Professor Tamryn West descends upon the town on a quest for answers about her past and a diary that could give her tenure at Boston’s Brimley University, the first person she meets is handsome, rugged Matthew Gauthier, the town’s favorite son. He shows up on a Ducati and rescues her from a busted radiator, depositing her at her hotel.

Tamryn knows who Matthew is– after all, she’s been trying to reach him for the past six months. Matt, on the other hand, doesn’t recognize the name of the new beauty in town and he’s already in deep lust before he realizes that she wants information and details on the recent discovery of a stop on the historic Underground Railroad, which just happens to be located under his law firm, a Gauthier institution.

Despite his attraction, Matt can’t share his past with Tamryn, can’t let her find out about the ugly sins– past and present– of the Gauthiers. He’s about to run for a Senate seat against a nasty, mud slinging opponent and any scandal could ruin his chances. As much as he wants to help Professor West secure her teaching position, achieve tenure and make history with a book about how her great-great-great grandmother made history by creating a school for blacks with Matthew’s great-great-great grandmother, he can’t let his secrets be known. It could destroy everything he’s worked for.

Rochon has quickly risen to the ranks of one of my favorite Harlequin Kimani writers. Her stories are always varied and intriguing, with a story line I can sink my teeth into and passion that draws me in and keeps me turning pages. I’m a lover of history myself, so I also enjoyed the lessons via the tours — the old library archives at Xavier University, the pockets of history around Gauthier, and Rosemead, where Adeline West was born and worked as a slave.

Since this is a Harlequin Romance, I can’t pass up the opportunity to present Yours Forever as a passionate love story that takes place in a romantic little town among two strangers destined to be together. The attraction between Matt and Tamryn jumped off the page from the beginning, and though Tamryn initially resisted, it seemed like the wait was worth it. I liked watching the sparks grow into animal lust and that lust grow into a love that would make a man risk his career so the woman he cared for could have what she’s always wanted.

And in return, she gave him what he’s worked for his whole life.

Yours Forever is an enjoyable read, I hope you’ll pick it up when it’s out February 18th from Harlequin Kimani.


Natasha Foreman Bryant. theparadigmlife.com

Exercising in Cold Weather: How to Stay Warm

Thanks to Exercise Etc. for re-posting this information:

Staying Warm While Exercising
in the Cold

Here are some suggestions on how to stay on the move in cold temperatures, courtesy of Baptist Health (www.Baptist-health.com)

Wear synthetic fabrics: Polypropylene insulates much better than a double-thick cotton sweatshirt.

Don’t overdress: You want to limit sweating so that when the cold hits you do not get chilled.

Layering is key. The ACSM recommends that you wear a synthetic material like polypropylene against your skin to allow sweat to pass through the fabric away from your body. The second layer should be wool, polyester, or fleece, which provides primary insulation. The third layer should be chosen for its ability to keep the cold air, wind, and rain out — something lightweight and artificial. If you get too warm, you can strip off a layer.

Cover your head: You can lose a tremendous amount of heat through your uncovered head, so wear a hat, cap or hood.

Wear warm socks: Your feet get cold first. Wear appropriate shoes, insulate them with warm socks and keep them dry.

Wear mittens: Because of the large surface area to volume, your hands are susceptible to cold. Gloves or mittens should be worn before the hands become cold. Choose mittens over gloves because the fingers can warm each other and the mitten decreases the exposed surface area.

Drink plenty of fluids: If you can see your breath, you’re seeing moisture leave your body. Drink water before you go out, and bring some with you. But don’t drink alcohol — it makes you lose heat.

Cold is a stress on the body, and so is exercise: Together they may be too much for someone not in optimal health. People who have diabetes, who take certain medications or who are older are at greater risk that their body temperature will drop in cold weather.

Warm up: It is important before exercising regardless of the weather, but even more so when it gets cold.

Cold air doesn’t damage the lungs: Even very cold air is warmed to body temperature by the time it hits the lungs. But for some people with asthma, cold air can trigger an attack.

Baptist Health (www.Baptist-health.com)

Working Out In the Cold: 11 Steps to Keep Comfortable, American College of Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine Bulletin January 7, 2014.

Prentice Powell Explains the System Controlling You

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

Below you will find a beyond amazing performance by spoken word artist Prentice Powell. It speaks to my Call to Action posts that I have shared for men and women asking that they stand up and help our youth, families, communities, and world be better, stronger, and more dignified (note: a Call to Action part two is coming ladies).

Prentice Powell is speaking the truth and we need more Powell’s sharing the reality that we all have helped create, want to ignore, point fingers at, or are still playing a role within. If you take offense to what Powell says, then you are quite possibly one of the offenders he speaks of throughout his performance.

Yes, his message is very much directed to and about Black people, but honestly, you can insert any group of people into this configuration and see some or most of what he is addressing. What is most visible, embarrassing, and heart wrenching for him (and for me) is the breakdown within the Black community, and the accepted role within “the system” that Black men and women alike play. So this is what he speaks of, but I have friends of other nationalities, races, and cultures who could easily plug and play their “people” in this example, and say, “that’s us too”.

So I ask that you come from a place that is familiar to you, or try to see through Prentice’s lens, and then ask yourself, what you can do to help bring about a positive change to this epidemic that affects all of us—because believe it or not, we’re truly in this boat together.

Please view the video below and then share it with others. We must change our thinking and habits, and be the change that we want to see in the world. We must disengage our role within “the system” and engage in a more healthy environment for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. Please share this with your circle of influence and re-post for the world to see, hear, and to begin a healthy (and productive) dialogue.

Thank you.


Video Source: http://youtu.be/R04kzrpuDY4

Video posted on YouTube by: Arsenio Hall Show

Prentice Powell: https://twitter.com/FollowPrentice

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Very Random Thought: Eating the Cake Too

 This is so random but I felt like I had to share. Something has been bugging me recently. It has resurfaced in my periphery—I have heard it said in TV shows, movies, commercials, in conversations with others (and while overhearing people chatting) over the years, and more so over the past few weeks, and I just have to address it…. 

I personally think that the words “eat it” were mistakenly substituted over the years for “ice cream” in the famous phrase, “have your cake and eat it too“.  

Don’t we all want to eat the cake? Aren’t we supposed to eat it? What’s the purpose of having a slice of cake just to stare at it, throw it away, or let someone else have it? Yes, like I said this is a random, where-the-heck-is-she-coming-from post, but aren’t you tired of wondering why people feel justified using a phrase that makes absolutely no sense?

Now what makes sense is that we shouldn’t expect ice cream just because we have cake. That could be considered flat-out greedy. Which is what the phrase is implying. So why not get it right?

coffeeice-cream That’s why I think it’s more appropriate to say, “have your cake and ice cream too” or more passionately said while rolling your eyes and waving your finger in the air, “you can’t have your cake and ice cream too dang it!” Okay maybe not the “dang it” part, that was just a little extra for emphasis.  

Just my two thoughts. What do you think? I told you this was random! [smile]



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Alzheimer’s Association Awareness Day at Georgia State Capitol Rescheduled

Due to inclement weather in the state of Georgia, the Alzheimer’s Association has cancelled the February 13th Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at the Georgia State Capitol, and rescheduled it for Thursday, February 27th–which will join in with the second day of Senior Week at the Capitol. Please spread the word and we hope to see you on the 27th!

~ Natasha Foreman Bryant

Most Americans Still Clueless About the Healthcare Law

Gallup just recently released the following update:
 Americans are no more familiar with the healthcare law now than they were last August, when Gallup began asking Americans about it. Republicans are more likely than other adults to say they are very or somewhat familiar with the law.
 Read more here
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Bernice A. King Trying to Stop the Sale of Her Father’s Prized Possessions

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Elder Dr. Bernice A. King, the youngest daughter of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, is trying her best to keep her brothers, Dexter King and Martin Luther King III, from selling their father’s Nobel Peace Prize medal and his personal Bible to a private buyer. Both of these items were his prized possessions.
 Wouldn’t they be for you?
 It’s not his floss or hair brush, it’s his Bible (road map, tool, accountability source) and his Nobel Peace Prize medal (for sacrificing everything in hopes of a better, more dignified life for all people worldwide).
 If you don’t already know the background details about Dexter and Martin suing Bernice, their aunt, Christine King Farris, other family members, loyal friends of their parents, and the King Center (where all three children serve on the board) then read more about the lawsuit and this most recent travesty here
 Then share your thoughts.
 I wonder what their parents wish they could get them to do and say to stop this madness. I wonder how their parents feel about the legacy they left behind. I wonder what it will take to right these wrongs, set things where they need to be, and build the King legacy where it should be.
 Martin Luther King III, is the only child to have offspring, his daughter Yolanda (named after their late sister by the same name). The King legacy will be left to Yolanda and in some ways (if they are willing) her cousins (from great aunt Christine’s side of the family—on the Farris side).
 But unless Martin III, Bernice or Dexter have more children (by blood), and more specifically, boys, the King name will end with Yolanda, when everyone else is long gone. Think about that.
 I just wonder how what happens today, this year, will impact their parents legacy 10, 15, 20-plus years from now. What will the King name be worth in 50 years?
 The King legacy impacts generations yet unborn, worldwide, or so it’s supposed to…
 I just wonder.
 What about you? What do you think?
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