Sean’s Father’s Day Thought: Men

I was traveling when this post was first published by my friend Sean, so I didn’t get the chance to share it with all of you. Yes, the Father’s Day holiday has passed, but the sentiments should remain the same every day. We should encourage and participate in teaching, nurturing, training, uplifting, holding accountable, supporting, respecting, honoring, and celebrating men and fathers. Please join me in reading (and sharing with others) Sean’s Thought of the Day.

~ Natasha L. Foreman

Sean’s Father’s Day Thought: Men

A Father is a man who will teach his son how to stand for something worth standing for, defend something worth defending and love (completely) someone worth loving. He will teach him to respect first his mother(s), grandmother(s) and sister(s) so that he will know how to treat and respect his wife (or husband if that is his preference) when he has the honor of having one. He will teach his son to speak with honor, pride and to carry the family name with dignity so it can be passed on with pride.

A Father is a man who will teach his daughter how to be strong when no one else has strength, how to believe when all faith seems lost and how to love and be loved in the way she deserves. He will teach her that her body is a temple not to be displayed for the world to see but to be respected for those worthy of it. He will teach her the type of man she deserves to have instead of the type of man she has to settle for. He shows her how a man should love and respect her by the way he loves and respects her mother because he is a MAN. Not everyone can be a father!

Don’t say AMEN yet!

Many fathers are not allowed to be in their children’s lives because of petty BS between the mother and father. This Father’s Day my thought is for all the parents who spend more time degrading the man (and woman) that they share a child with instead of speaking kindly or holding their tongue. Every time we speak ill of the Father or Mother of our children in front of, around or directly to our children we are diminishing the child’s self-worth. Remember a child is the COMBINATION of their parent’s not just one. So when women call their babies daddy a worthless piece of sh*t remember the child(ren) are also being called that too. When a man calls the mother of his child(ren) a stupid whore and b**ch then he is also saying [that] about his children.

This Father’s Day let us take time to thank the men who teach the boys how to be men and the girls what a real man is through their actions and not just their words. Happy Father’s Day to all the men who try their damndest to be a part of their children’s lives at all cost. This Father’s Day take the time to check how well we are all doing as parents. Just a thought my friends!

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Sean’s Thought: The Trayvon Martin Case Part 1

My friend Sean has shared his thoughts about the Trayvon Martin travesty, and the issues and drama that has popped up over the weeks. Please tune in and share your thoughts.

Sean’s Thought:

The Trayvon Martin case has reminded me of one undeniable thing. We are all blind sheep. I grew up with friends shot and killed in gang violence. I saw young girls prostituted on the streets and beat up by pimps and johns. I watched police canvass the neighborhood for clues only to have no one speak up. Yet, when it is a black vs white thing the nation is in an uproar. The media and those with a hidden agenda are playing us like fools and we are simply smiling and saying “Thank You”. I don’t know if Trayvon was a menace, a gang banger or a threat all I know is a man killed him and that needs to be properly investigated. I don’t know if the man is a racist, a bigot or even a tax evader all I know is he chose the role of neighborhood “protector” and in that he has repercussions like any of us that are sworn to protect. He chose to shoot like he was a police officer and thus he must be accountable like one if it was unjustified.

All that being said, I want to know how many of the people “reposting” this divisive issue has also been speaking out against the filth in their own neighborhoods? How many would lie and protect a relative who committed murder of an innocent person? How many times have we looked the other way when it was a black on black, white on white, Hispanic on Hispanic or similar crime? Am I the only one that finds it remarkably sad that the only time we get in an uproar is when we can place a “Racism” tag on it? How many Muslims and Arabs have been beat and killed in this country since 911? Where is the uproar?

Copyright 2012.

Sean’s 2012 Thought

Sean’s 2012 Thought:

New Year’s resolutions are fool’s gold. Do not promise to lose a bunch of weight or be a better spouse, parent or friend. Don’t say you are going to call people or stop cursing. None of these things last.

Instead, be honest with yourself. Listen to those who take time to talk to you. Surround yourself with those who will help you grow not those who will keep you where you are. Find balance in your life and try new things.

In short, make today better than yesterday for everyday this year. Grow internally as a person, as a husband/wife, as a parent, as a boss/worker, and as a friend. Be more than you thought you could be but not more than you should be!

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Sean’s thought: A Real Woman


Here’s a thought of the day originally posted on October 6, 2001 from my childhood friend Sean…a thought from a man…the opinion of a man…and he’s right on point. We MUST do SOMETHING and NOW!

 A “Woman” burned her bra for equality.

A “Woman” sat on a bus dog tired and help start a revolution.

A “Woman” walked miles to clean houses so her kid could go to college.

A “Woman” understands her body is a temple.

A “Woman” raised little girls to be A WOMAN.

Today, “Girls” are high on opinion and low on substance, fast to speak but slow to learn.

Tops are low but self-worth even lower.

Skirts/dresses to high and lack of respect higher.

The question is… what happened to the “WOMAN”?

Maybe its time to teach our GIRLS how to be WOMEN again.

Sean’s Thought: Definition of a Man

Thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean. Originally published on October 7, 2011.


Another lost creature on this planet is the MAN.

A MAN would fight if he had to but not because he wanted too.

A “MAN” would work till his hands were bloody to give his family food and shelter.

A “MAN” sat down his boys and told them to fight for the weak and the frail.

A “MAN” knew respect for your elders, your wife and kids meant respect for him.

A “MAN” had his word and it was enough.

Today, we have BOYS who are BIG on Words and low on SUBSTANCE, Bulging with Muscles but lack true STRENGTH, Full of OPINION but have no real IDEA.

Are PROUD to show their sons pictures but UNABLE to teach them PRIDE.

Question is… If the MEN are Boys who teaches the Boys to be MEN?


Sean’s Thought: Wisdom

A thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean. This was originally published on October 4, 2011.


When I was young we had grand and great-grandparents who we go visit and they would educate us about life in a way that 60-70-80 years of life could teach.

They were our mentors and buffers to life.

They are dead!

Today we have grandparents who are 30-40 years old who raise their grandkids instead of being visited by them.

We have lost the one thing that only time can give us from those we should love and trust: Wisdom.

What A Shame!

Sean’s Thought: Peace of Mind

Thought of the day from my childhood friend Sean, originally posted on October 10, 2011.
 Peace of Mind can only come with being at peace in your mind.
Accept the person you are but work hard to find the person you want to be.
Be mindful that people can lie and be deceitful but love them for who they are anyway.
Remember a journey can only end when you have completed but to complete it you have to take the first step.
Make today a peaceful one if only for your mind’s sake.

Sean’s Thought: Being a Leader

A thought for the day by my childhood friend Sean. This was originally posted by him on October 12, 2011.


We will all make mistakes in life, love and work.

We will all chose the path of least resistance when the other path was the right choice.

We will all go to the person who gives us what we want but not what we may actually need.

We all tell stories that make ourselves look the best way possible.

We are all human.

Be flawed but willing to work on you.

Be wrong but always work to make it right.

Be strong enough to search for the truth and what you need instead of what “you” need to hear.

In other words be more than human, be a Strong Person….. A Leader.

Sean’s Thought: Stop Enabling Your Children

A thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean…

Many of us ENABLE people especially loved ones under the title “love”.

To enable is to handicap the person through our own weakness to do what is right.

When we don’t make our children take care of their responsibilities such as kids we cripple them.

When Grandparents spend more time with grandkids while mom and dad are out hanging we cripple our kids.

When you give them money even though you know they blew their paycheck on lottery tickets and smokes we cripple our kids.

In short when we FAIL to make our children deal with THEIR consequences for THEIR actions we cripple them.

It takes strength to do the right thing it takes weakness to enable.