A Military Vet Has Something to Say to Those Speaking Out Against NFL Player Activism

This could not be said any plainer than what this military veteran, husband, father, friend and neighbor said yesterday:

Sean’s Thought: (for the record its long and many won’t like it) It is amazing how easily people subscribe to slave mentality. How we as a country open the closets and dust off the old US vs THEM wardrobes. 
Yesterday I watched my FB and other social media platform blowup at all these disrespectful, whiny, rich, spoiled, ignorant, stupid, overpaid asshats and son of bitches who should be fired. I watched people use their military service as a reason and pictures of fallen men and women in service as flags of proof and honor. I watched people tell about how long they have been fans of the brand and how they (and their families) will never watch again. 

How dare the NFL not make these players stand up, look straight and salute the flag? 

Very interesting thought that is and it got me thinking what was really being said yesterday from almost an exclusive group of people with a few exceptions (I just saw a video of black man going off about these Democratic idiot asshats who got Trumped). That guy will be popular on both sides I’m sure. Anyway back to my thought. 

What were we really saying with all this chatter yesterday? I’m glad you asked. 

Black athlete you are paid to play a sport. We want you to simply play that sport. You get paid lots of money to run around, bang against each other, flex your muscles, jump around and entertain us. We don’t want your opinion we want your physical ability. Run fool. Jump. Catch the ball. Don’t worry as long as you are good (and quiet) we will support you. We will buy your jerseys and shout your name. Don’t worry you won’t get paid for those anyway but hey it is an honor for you to perform for us, the paying public. 

OK, hold on for a second that sounds a lot like something I heard in history class many years ago. Let me think for a second.

The owners need to keep their players in line. Players need to be appreciative of what we have given them. They are lucky to have these jobs and we can find more who will do it with respect. Owners should fire them if they do not perform to the way we expect. What would they (these Black players) be doing if it wasn’t for what the owners gave them? 

I know what it is it is the slavery mentality. Now, I know some of you just cringed a lot unfortunately you should of cringed at the choice of taking that mentality. Lets look at what was really going on yesterday without the rhetoric. 

NFL players took a knee during the national anthem (a MLB player did as well), NFL players locked arms in solidarity and some stayed in the locker room during the anthem (which was common practice until 2009 when the government paid the NFL to shuffle out them players to stand and salute for military recruitment but eh thats small potatoes). 

Correct me if I am wrong but not one player put a middle finger up during the anthem. Not one player told the military members in the audience that they hated them and they hated this country. Not one player spewed hate towards law enforcement or the establishment outside of many having a problem with our Commander and Chief lashing out at all those BLACK ATHLETES. 

Those players both black and white protested what is still, shockingly, a huge problem in this country which is, in this case, racial inequality within the judicial system. You don’t have to agree with those players but you do have to agree with one thing. They staged a peaceful demonstration which is their RIGHT. 

Yes, they have the RIGHT as AMERICAN CITIZENS no matter how much they make, no matter what their jobs are, no matter if they are poor and homeless or filthy rich living in a sky palace above some state. They have the right and I FOUGHT for it. 

Yes, as a veteran, since everyone wants to use that as the reason they hate all this, I fought for every Americans Constitutional Rights. I stand for the Anthem because I did fight for those rights. I did have brothers and sisters killed in wars that made other people rich while leaving many of those very brothers and sisters forever wounded both physically and mentally depending on a system (The VA) that is so flawed I have yet to file my claim 2 years after I retired.

 Where is the outrage by the way? OH yea it isn’t a bunch of rich black spoiled idiots so who gives a damn about that VA system.

 I served so that the Nazi’s could have their lawful rally (provided they got the permit to do so) without them fearing physical attack. Yes, people have the right to counter-protest they don’t have the right to attack them physically no matter how much they may hate the speech. I served so that some white confederate flag waving kid could walk into a black church execute 9 people and still get a fair trail as dictated by our laws.

 I served so that a police officer would have to answer for his/her actions when it comes to the death of another person under his/her care no matter the race of the officer or the person. I served for some guy to overuse his 2nd amendment right and carry a damn AK47 on his shoulder because the laws in the state he is in says it is within his/her right. Equality is our right. EVERYONE’s RIGHT. 

It truly breaks my heart to see people not even try to understand the why. Why are so many people of a demographic, a race, a sexual orientation so upset. What can we do as a nation to right a wrong? 

We live in a country where the son of a rich man can be convicted of rape and given 6 months of probation. While someone without the means for expensive counsel would get 30 years for the same crime. 

We live in a country where it is OK to tell blacks to “get out” and “go back to Africa” but it isn’t OK for those same blacks to protest the injustices laid against them.

 We live in a country where we will force deport people, break up their families and destroy lives because they are Mexican but have no problem with bringing in foreign athletes who defect from their countries simply because they can play ball. I could go on forever but that isn’t needed. 

The point is this, maybe you don’t like that these men (not son’s of bitches) are using their respective platforms to force us to do what we are doing now. Start the conversations, challenge the system and make us deal with this bullshit underline racial divide. They use their platfom for those who don’t have the money or the ability to do so. 

If you dislike that then I guess you will no longer be supporting JJ Watt who used his platform to raise of 40 million (I think) dollars for Houston relief. That would be stupid of us to not support just like it is stupid of us to think that Americans should shut up and color because the government (this case the President) has stepped in and told them to sit, shut up and dance.

 No, that is not America. That is not what I fought for and that is not what I will stand quietly by and watch. 

In the end, sports is business and a business will succeed or fail. But as long as their are people there will always be a need to watch men and women compete. Don’t fool yourselves. As many of the players have learned to do isn’t it time we stood in unity for equality than this nonsense of telling people they don’t have the right to do something that they in fact have the right to do. 

Make American Great! Not Again, because looking back it wasn’t great for everyone which means it wasn’t great. Anyway, just a thought.   

Thank you Sean for your service, bravery, and willingness to say what was and is needed. Our country needs to heal. 
We need to learn the lesson and vow to never repeat it, just as Germany courageously has done. 

A country divided will never thrive. A county divided should not fear destruction from the efforts of outsiders. It will be our on undoing, from within!


Sean’s Thought of The Day…This one is for the Ladies

When I read Sean’s message below it hit home with me, because it’s something I have written about and debated for a few years now. We have made “sexy” trashy, dumb “sexy” and “cool”, smart “uncool”, and it’s gotten out of control. It’s always nice to hear men chime in and share their honest opinion about girls and women, and how they view us. Join me in reading (then sharing with others) Sean’s thought about a hot-button topic that ultimately impacts each and every one of us.

Sean’s Thought:

I saw this woman with this low cut shirt showing just enough cleavage to make this old man look twice. Her tiny shorts showed off shapely legs and just a little glimpse of her shapely butt. Her makeup accentuated her eyes and pouty lips. Even her hair was formed in a way to show off her sexy and sultry side.

If I wasn’t married I would have taken her home. Of course that is if I wanted to not only piss off my wife but to spend 20 years in jail for statutory rape.


This sultry, sexy and amazing woman was thousands of young girls walking around our streets today. Young girls from all ages are prancing around in makeup, sexy clothes, low- fitting tops showing off their cleavage, extra short skirts they can’t bend over in or skin tight pants that in days of old would get “yeast infection” warnings from older women.

Shall we teach our young women what once seemed to be common place many years ago?

That the more they physically show to the world the less the world sees them for who they are as a person.

Maybe we should stop trying to be MILF’s, GILF’s, Cougars, Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my) and start once again teaching these girls actual self respect. It’s just a thought my friends.

Copyright 2013.

Sean’s Father’s Day Thought: Men

I was traveling when this post was first published by my friend Sean, so I didn’t get the chance to share it with all of you. Yes, the Father’s Day holiday has passed, but the sentiments should remain the same every day. We should encourage and participate in teaching, nurturing, training, uplifting, holding accountable, supporting, respecting, honoring, and celebrating men and fathers. Please join me in reading (and sharing with others) Sean’s Thought of the Day.

~ Natasha L. Foreman

Sean’s Father’s Day Thought: Men

A Father is a man who will teach his son how to stand for something worth standing for, defend something worth defending and love (completely) someone worth loving. He will teach him to respect first his mother(s), grandmother(s) and sister(s) so that he will know how to treat and respect his wife (or husband if that is his preference) when he has the honor of having one. He will teach his son to speak with honor, pride and to carry the family name with dignity so it can be passed on with pride.

A Father is a man who will teach his daughter how to be strong when no one else has strength, how to believe when all faith seems lost and how to love and be loved in the way she deserves. He will teach her that her body is a temple not to be displayed for the world to see but to be respected for those worthy of it. He will teach her the type of man she deserves to have instead of the type of man she has to settle for. He shows her how a man should love and respect her by the way he loves and respects her mother because he is a MAN. Not everyone can be a father!

Don’t say AMEN yet!

Many fathers are not allowed to be in their children’s lives because of petty BS between the mother and father. This Father’s Day my thought is for all the parents who spend more time degrading the man (and woman) that they share a child with instead of speaking kindly or holding their tongue. Every time we speak ill of the Father or Mother of our children in front of, around or directly to our children we are diminishing the child’s self-worth. Remember a child is the COMBINATION of their parent’s not just one. So when women call their babies daddy a worthless piece of sh*t remember the child(ren) are also being called that too. When a man calls the mother of his child(ren) a stupid whore and b**ch then he is also saying [that] about his children.

This Father’s Day let us take time to thank the men who teach the boys how to be men and the girls what a real man is through their actions and not just their words. Happy Father’s Day to all the men who try their damndest to be a part of their children’s lives at all cost. This Father’s Day take the time to check how well we are all doing as parents. Just a thought my friends!

Copyright 2013.

Sean’s 2012 Thought

Sean’s 2012 Thought:

New Year’s resolutions are fool’s gold. Do not promise to lose a bunch of weight or be a better spouse, parent or friend. Don’t say you are going to call people or stop cursing. None of these things last.

Instead, be honest with yourself. Listen to those who take time to talk to you. Surround yourself with those who will help you grow not those who will keep you where you are. Find balance in your life and try new things.

In short, make today better than yesterday for everyday this year. Grow internally as a person, as a husband/wife, as a parent, as a boss/worker, and as a friend. Be more than you thought you could be but not more than you should be!

Copyright 2012. All RIghts Reserved.

Sean’s Thought of the Day: Friendship

A REAL friends promise:

I will always say what I believe you need to hear not what you wish to hear.

I will be honest with you even if it cost our friendship.

I will strive to make you the best person you can be.

I will not co-sign everything you say because I know that we can all be stupid at times.

I will not support your destruction be it drugs, alcohol or any other similar thing.

What you tell me in confidence will stay there but I will tell you if that secret is wrong.

In all I promise to be a real friend and hope you can give me the same.

A REAL friend wants you to be better not to just feel better.

What Kind Of Friend Have You REALLY Been?

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Sean’s Thought of the Day: Keep Your Personal Business in Your House

Another post from childhood friend, Sean…

Sean’s Thought:

Remember when you kept your personal business in the house? Your kids knew that you didn’t tell folks about what went on in the house. A husband spoke to his wife and a wife spoke to her husband. Posting how you done with men or women on Facebook only makes you look foolish and desperate. Maybe it is time to stop proclaiming love, giving yourself over and praising these men and women before you know them in the first place. Keep your business in your house and the world won’t be all up in it. It is time for grown-ups to start acting grown.


Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.