Sean’s Thought of The Day…This one is for the Ladies

When I read Sean’s message below it hit home with me, because it’s something I have written about and debated for a few years now. We have made “sexy” trashy, dumb “sexy” and “cool”, smart “uncool”, and it’s gotten out of control. It’s always nice to hear men chime in and share their honest opinion about girls and women, and how they view us. Join me in reading (then sharing with others) Sean’s thought about a hot-button topic that ultimately impacts each and every one of us.

Sean’s Thought:

I saw this woman with this low cut shirt showing just enough cleavage to make this old man look twice. Her tiny shorts showed off shapely legs and just a little glimpse of her shapely butt. Her makeup accentuated her eyes and pouty lips. Even her hair was formed in a way to show off her sexy and sultry side.

If I wasn’t married I would have taken her home. Of course that is if I wanted to not only piss off my wife but to spend 20 years in jail for statutory rape.


This sultry, sexy and amazing woman was thousands of young girls walking around our streets today. Young girls from all ages are prancing around in makeup, sexy clothes, low- fitting tops showing off their cleavage, extra short skirts they can’t bend over in or skin tight pants that in days of old would get “yeast infection” warnings from older women.

Shall we teach our young women what once seemed to be common place many years ago?

That the more they physically show to the world the less the world sees them for who they are as a person.

Maybe we should stop trying to be MILF’s, GILF’s, Cougars, Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my) and start once again teaching these girls actual self respect. It’s just a thought my friends.

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