South Africa: More Test HIV-Positive Than Expected

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

I have included a link to an article that simply floors me, “more people than expected have tested HIV-positive in the national HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign in South Africa.”

South Africa is working hard to test within their country and respond to treatment efforts of those infected and affected by HIV. Some people simply are not responding to the ‘Get Tested’ campaigns, while for others the message still has not reached them. Initially the HCT campaign only expected 1.6 million South Africans (of the targeted 15 million) would test HIV-positive.

Preliminary figures show that over 12 million South Africans have been counseled for HIV since April 2010, of this figure 85% or 10.2 million have accepted the HIV test after counseling, which means the campaign underestimated by 5 million people.

Something must be done.

This isn’t just a South African, African, African-American, minority, or Gay and Lesbian issue…this is a human issue worldwide. We have to do our part to make things right.

Read this article and share your thoughts, and what you are doing to help with HIV-education, testing, and safe sex practices in your community and worldwide:

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