Amazing Analysis by Fareed Zakaria on the New Age Radical Who Hijacks Islam For Terroristic Thrills Without a True Belief System

I recorded the introduction of Fareed Zakaria on Fareed Zakaria GPS (on CNN). You have to watch this video and then ask yourself if Western politicians and law enforcement truly get what we’re up against with ISIL or is it just easier for them to target and criminalize all Muslims. 

Fareed Zakaria speaks about the findings of most recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and San Bernardino:They ARE NOT practicing, devout Muslims who became radicalized. They were radicalized and THEN turned to Islam. They have NO political viewpoints before joining ISIL and other gangs. They take on these views upon joining. 

They were and are oftentimes second generation Europeans who had little to no strong religious beliefs, face discrimination and feel lost because they have no connection to the old world (where their parents are from) and no connection to the new world (where they were born but aren’t accepted). 

They then became criminals and outcasts and were radicalized, and THEN used Islam to revolt against traditional Islam, and the world. 

They are using what they have learned about Islam and twisting it to reach their ultimate goal of terror. They don’t have another platform to use so they use religion. 

One ring leader of the Paris attacks was a known drug and alcohol user and partied in night clubs (definitely not the behavior of devout follower of Islam). Two terrorists bought the books “Islam For Dummies” and “The Koran For Dummies”. If they were devout Muslims they wouldn’t need either book. 

Fareed Zakaria says that Western law enforcement shouldn’t just focus on wire taps of mosques and homes, but zooming in on prison inmates, junkies high in the alley, and the person hanging out getting drunk and high in bars and night clubs—“where they are getting radicalized before they become Islamized” 

Mr. Zakaria’s analysis is right on point, and explains why law enforcement and politicians are way off target, and why the Muslim community must pull together to root themselves of the terroristic cancer that is trying to destroy their people, their faith, and the world. Just as Christians have to zoom in on the radicals within our religion who pervert our beliefs for terroristic gains. 

Think about the countless terrorists around the world that used (and many still use) Christianity to commit heinous acts including bombings, massacres, torture, rape, kidnapping, and more:

  • Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
  • Christian militia groups in Central African Republic who targeted, massacred, and even cannibalized thousands of Muslims in 2014. 
  • National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) in India
  • Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, and Central African Republic
  • Army of God, attacked abortion clinics and doctors in the U.S.
  • Eric Robert Rudolph, the 1996 Centenniel Olympic Park bomber 
  • Christian Identity (global group) who were connected with the 2002 Soweto bombings. Their beliefs are spread mostly through white supremacist prison gangs. 
  • Hutaree Christian Militia Movement, was said in 2011 by US. Dept of Homeland Security, to have more weapons than all of the Islamic terror defendants charged in the US since the September 11, 2001 attacks. 
  • Robert Lewis Dear, terrorist in 2015 Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic attack 

In all of the above examples of Christian terrorists, the world didn’t and don’t blame all Christians, we point the finger directly at the terrorists, and we quickly state that these individuals and groups have hijacked a religion. But we don’t do that with Muslim terrorists. We blame the entire religion of Islam and all of its followers. What’s wrong with this picture?

Watch the Fareed Zakaria video that I recorded:

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President Obama has Announced that Osama Bin Laden has Been Taken Out

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

I just watched the live broadcast on CNN by President Obama where he announced that Osama Bin Laden has been murdered in Pakistan by U.S. forces in a fire fight and it has been officially confirmed that Bin Laden and others are deceased. There is a huge crowd outside the White House cheering, chanting and singing in celebration of the news.

Now we must wait and see how the rest of the world reacts.  Since 2001 our country has been operating in fear of al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates; confusing all Muslims and Middle Eastern individuals to be extremists and part of al Qaeda; and fearing the unknown but heavily anticipated.

I hope that this is one big step towards our healing and not further division of this great nation and our world. Let’s pray for those individuals who live and work overseas who now must survive under a heightened threat level. Pray that this pivotal move helps to diffuse al Qaeda and others who seek to instill fear in the world, especially under the guise of religion.

God bless the world and dignity for all!

Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.