Driving Distracted Almost Cost Thousands

I was just walking out of a store and I noticed a car slowly approaching me. A man driving a new Bentley Continental GT was staring at me. I kept walking and while trying to get my attention he turns his car but he never turns his head (his eyes instead stayed fixated on me), until he hears the blaring sound of a truck horn…this man had come within inches of hitting the truck. Now that would have been a doozy!

I looked at him and then noticed his wedding band on his hand. I rolled my eyes, shook my head, and kept walking. I was already annoyed before I left the store, so seeing him in his attempt to ‘holla’ at me (and not just admire and keep it moving) really ticked me off.

Look, but don’t try to get at me and you’re married. He obviously didn’t see or didn’t care to respect my wedding ring. He was just in pursuit mode. Like a hound dog.

How could he explain to his wife what happened to his car? That would be one of those…”Uh, I was looking at the radio not paying attention” or “Uh, see, I was texting while driving and wasn’t paying attention” or anything else but the truth.

Driving distracted can be tragic, costly, and painful for you and those involved directly and indirectly. If you want to check out the dude or chick, stop your car. If you want to grab something off your floor, stop your car. If you want to text or draft that long email, stop your car. Nuff said.

Have a great day and keep your eyes on the road, or pull over and stop. If you’re married, take your raggedy butt home to your spouse!

Copyright 2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. The Paradigm Life. All Rights Reserved.