Did You Hear About My BIG Announcement? 

If you haven’t tuned in to my social media posts then you may not know about the big announcement I shared earlier today. 

I don’t want 2016 to end without making sure that everyone I know and everyone who knows me (or simply knows of me), hears about the big things that are planned for my life and this amazing journey in 2017. I’m so excited!!!

Check it out: https://breakingbreadwithnatasha.wordpress.com/2016/12/31/my-big-announcement/

Life is Like Football

I blogged earlier today on my Natasha Foreman Bryant website about my previous post on Breaking Bread With Natasha, my spiritual blog.

I made an association between life and American football, and life and our need to be patient and strategic just like the wild animal waiting for its prey–something that I also see in American football. Check out what I had to say, and then share your thoughts.

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