More than 500,000 without Power and Water in Goma, DR Congo

An eruption of violence has left 500,000 people in the city of Goma (in the east of the) Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) without water and power. The ICRC and engineers from the DRC have been working to restore power, and ensure that the watering pumps that are supported by electrical generators, are working properly and efficiently.

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Highlights of Efforts Towards Improving Education and More for Rwandan Children

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

I ran across two stories impacting Rwandan children and of course, their teachers, families and communities that brought a smile to my face. The first article is about Rwandan children speaking up and sharing their views about education, their needs, and what they hope to gain from he dialogue with adults and country leaders.

Something else that brought a smile to my face is the thought that with positive change for one community and one nation, also brings the potential for positive change in other communities and nations. The second article that I have included below speaks to how a positive change and need in Rwanda will also benefit those in Kenya.

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Rwanda: Children Need Role Models
The Just-concluded 7th National Children’s Summit offered Rwandan
children the perfect platform to air their views before adults and
the country’s leaders on matters affecting them and how they want
them solved.

Jobs Galore for Teachers as Rwanda Seeks Tutors
Rwanda is planning to hire at least 4,000 teachers from the East
African Community this month, opening an employment window for
thousands of unemployed teachers in the region.

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