Sean’s thought: A Real Woman


Here’s a thought of the day originally posted on October 6, 2001 from my childhood friend Sean…a thought from a man…the opinion of a man…and he’s right on point. We MUST do SOMETHING and NOW!

 A “Woman” burned her bra for equality.

A “Woman” sat on a bus dog tired and help start a revolution.

A “Woman” walked miles to clean houses so her kid could go to college.

A “Woman” understands her body is a temple.

A “Woman” raised little girls to be A WOMAN.

Today, “Girls” are high on opinion and low on substance, fast to speak but slow to learn.

Tops are low but self-worth even lower.

Skirts/dresses to high and lack of respect higher.

The question is… what happened to the “WOMAN”?

Maybe its time to teach our GIRLS how to be WOMEN again.