Join the This is Human Rights Campaign

In honor of the 65th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF) had launched our #thisisHumanRights Campaign. From September to December, join us in sharing and posting your photos and videos telling us what human rights mean to you!

Official hashtag #thisisHumanRights!

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Natasha Foreman Bryant serves as an advisory board member for the Atlanta chapter of the Younger Women’s Task Force.

23rd Annual Georgia Women’s Assembly

It’s that time of year again! The 23rd Annual Georgia Women’s Assembly. This year’s theme is “What Women Want”.

When: Friday, October 18, 2013 from 8:30AM-1:30PM

Where: The Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland Street Atlanta, GA 30303

For more details and to register:

>A.S.C.E.N.D. to Rise Higher

>I would like for you to take a peek into the organization that I am involved with and am proud to serve as the Director of Communications and Marketing- the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Chapter (YWTF-ATL). We have a pretty cool video that is tied to our upcoming A.S.C.E.N.D. First Annual Leadership Conference for Younger Women being held at 103 West in Atlanta on March 26, 2011.

Check out this video:

If you would like to take part in the conference as an attendee, behind the scenes with me, or as a vendor, please contact me at: and I will happily provide you with the details.

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>Learn the Real Secrets to Personal Financial Success

>Ladies, if you are in the Metro Atlanta area this Saturday please join me and others at the Java Blues Cafe as we gain additional tools towards achieving our personal financial success from Investing Coach, Aneshia Smith of ITATI Stocks. Hope to see you there!

Java Blues Cafe
Saturday, February 12, 2011 
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
1171 Lavista Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30324
(404) 549-2980

All are welcome to attend
YWTF-ATL Advocates: Free
General Public: $10 Cash Donation at the door 

Be sure to follow YWTF-ATL on Facebook at: and follow us on Twitter at:

>New Board Member with YWTF-ATL

>I am excited and honored to be appointed to the 2011 Board of Directors for the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Chapter (YWTF-ATL) as the Director of Communications and Marketing. I look forward to working with the other board members, and with the Chapter Director, Terica Scott- who I would like to thank for believing in me and my ability to serve this board, our chapter, the organization as a whole, the women we serve, and the community we hope to engage. I also am excited about my role in planning and executing the final phases of the A.S.C.E.N.D. First Annual Leadership Conference on March 26, 2011 at 103 West in Atlanta, Georgia.

To read the official blog announcement for the 2011 Board of Directors visit:

To learn more about the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Chapter visit:

For more information and to register for the A.S.C.E.N.D. Leadership Conference visit:

To contact me about YWTF-ATL events or other business-related issues please email:

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>Highlighting Violence Against Women Via the Younger Women’s Task Force

>I am passionate about a lot of things in life. Dignity and respect for all humankind is at the top of my list. How women and children are denied these God-given rights burns my insides and causes me to stand up and speak out on a regular basis. I will not sit down, shut up, or stop until every person regardless of their culture, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic status is treated with dignity and respect, and is given the opportunity to lead dignified and respectful lives.

Violence is a anti-love. 
Violent people are weak. 
Men who attack women and children are spineless cowards. 

In my latest blog article written for the Younger Women’s Task Force Metro Atlanta Chapter (YWTF-ATL) I share the senseless crimes against men, women and children in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Men, tell me how you would feel if you were forced to rape your mother, sister, and daughter? Women, tell me what it would be like to not only be raped, but to be raped after watching your husband beheaded after trying to protect you and your family?

If you don’t think this is possible, if you don’t think this is happening in the DRC, throughout other African, Middle Eastern and European countries then read my article here:

Then share your thoughts and comments on the YWTF blog (under my article) so that we can help be the solution, not just talk about it. I have spent more than 20 years speaking and working with women and children, and various organizations to help right the wrongs. We can make a difference. We can see that these criminals are brought to justice and that our fellow brothers and sisters can live lives free from fear and the ugliness that haunts them daily. Join me. Read my YWTF article, share your comments, and then share the links to my article with others- spreading hope one email, one blog, one tweet, one phone call at a time.

Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

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>Love Leadership Highlighted on YWTF Blog

>Today my Leadership piece was published on the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta (YWTF-ATL) Chapter blog. I highlighted an awesome leadership book that I have blogged about a few times throughout the year here on my personal blog; LOVE LEADERSHIP: A New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World by John Hope Bryant. Now I’m kicking it up a notch to share my views with other readers outside the “Paradigm Life” realm. 

Read the article and then please post a comment on the YWTF-ATL blog so we can hear your thoughts about the articles, subjects, and themes we discuss weekly. Are there other leadership books that you found helpful, informative, and life-changing? Please share this information with me so I can share with other readers. Also feel free to repost this link to the article: on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and other social media websites. I and we appreciate your support!

Natasha L. Foreman

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>Say Hello to the Newest Blogger for the Younger Women’s Task Force

>Today it is official!

My first piece was posted on the official blog of the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter (YWTF-ATL). This is the first of many, and I will be covering various topics that appeal to and affect young women ages 20-39 around the world. With your support I hope to continue blogging for the YWTF for a very long time…well until I’m no longer considered a “younger woman” by membership standards! 🙂

Support me and support this great organization. Visit the blog today and please share your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions:

Thank you!!!

Natasha L. Foreman

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