>Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu: Poetically Highlighted

>I read an awesome article and tribute to the man more commonly known to the world as Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, that I just had to share. Unless you’re an avid researcher and reader of African news and articles, then you don’t get the opportunity to read about the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful of Mother Africa and her resilient children.  

The article “Mpilo Desmond Tutu” was written by Tinyiko Sam Maluleke, a blogger, and academic from the University of South Africa-UNISA. Mr. Maluleke delivered the Annual Desmond Tutu Memorial Lecture at the University of Western Cape in 2008, and has proudly watched and followed the Archbishop as he chartered courses that many dared not venture. 

Mr. Maluleke shared some touching remarks about the Archbishop writing that, “Yet it would be wrong to portray Tutu as a latter day ‘action hero’ who single-handedly and heroically defeated the ‘forces of darkness’. The truth is that Tutu is a product of a heroic and resilient people. He is born out of the South African struggle of liberation. He is a product of the church – local and global. Without the people, the struggle and the church there would be no Desmond Tutu as we have come to know him. His story cannot be only about him as an individual. Indeed his story is the story of his immediate family, especially his wife and children.”

Maluleke continues by adding that, “…Another grievous mistake would be to pretend that Tutu is only and merely a South African. He is the definitive global citizen – who has tirelessly fought for the powerless and excluded not just in South Africa but everywhere. Name a worthy cause from anywhere in the world – Desmond Tutu has been there to support it. He was and remains the archbishop without province, without diocese and without borders. Retirement is something he has been threatening for the past fifteen years. Will he really retire this time around?…”

In my opinion, even if the Nobel Peace Prize winning Archbishop retires this October, he will continue on some level and in some realm “in the business of serving the poor, promoting justice, defending the marginalized and struggling for the restoration of human dignity to all” as Maluleke expressed beautifully. 

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman

Tinyiko Sam Maluleke. Mpilo Desmond Tutu.  http://tsmaluleke.blogspot.com/2010/07/mpilo-desmond-tutu.html