>Accidental Posting Today

>Earlier today many of you received a posted message from this blog that probably confused you. The post included what appeared to be an electronic advertisement of some sort. How many times did you do a double-take wondering if it was somehow spam, a cryptic message, or something of importance that I wanted to share with you? Did you think it was some iSpy email that I was leaking to the world? (smile)

Some how, correspondence between myself and one of my former clients, went out as a blog post. I’m not sure how, but it has since been deleted. Nothing serious, or confidential, just me merely informing them that I had referred a potential client their way. But I’m sure that’s a bit of information you could care less having in your inbox, or reading. I agree!

Weird I know. Technology…nothing is perfect! Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience that it may have caused.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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>Still having issues posting my Zimbabwe Part 2 piece

>Due to the limitations of my iPad and my laptop having a mind of its own; I am having difficulty posting part two of my Zimbabwe piece. Hopefully something gives in (not me) before Monday. Until then I have other interesting posts to share between now and then that I’m sure you will enjoy. I am also reviewing the feedback concerning my vocabulary word and axiom of the day….and I haven’t forgotten that we must pick back up on the series focused on organization and clutter control for the home, home office, etc.

This is bound to be a very interesting summer and I look forward to sharing pieces of it with all of you. Now let me run so that I can finish this book I was slated to complete weeks ago, but put on the back burner because my school work, and professional and personal commitments were taking up too much of my time and energy. I have until July 12th to get as much leisure reading in as possible…starting now!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!