>When MySpace is No Longer the Right Place

>Today I took the time to delete all pictures and information on my personal MySpace page, and then I made the ‘ultimate’ move…I closed my account. Removing the pictures was a tad bit time consuming only because there were several in a few of my albums that I wanted to save on my computer. Other than that it was as simple as clicking “delete album” and confirming twice that I was sure I wanted to proceed with the process. Deleting the messages in my mailbox also took awhile, but it was worth it in the end. I still can’t believe I had messages dating back to February 2006, that’s ridiculous!

Some people totally understand why I would want to delete my account. For those of you who want insight let me share….

Just like certain people and things in my past…I am no longer in need of that account. When I first got my account circa 2004 it was fun, exciting, and a great way to get in touch with family and friends. It was also a pretty decent way to connect professionally, especially in the music business. I enjoyed adding pictures, graphics, and updating my music on my profile. By the end of 2006 my space felt invaded and MySpace was no longer fun. I switched my account to “private”. By the time 2009 rolled around I began using my account less and eventually not at all…last summer I abandoned ship for smoother sailing elsewhere. For me it has been a constant reminder of a Natasha from a different time, a different mindset, and with different priorities. 

The vibe felt like ‘then’ and not like ‘now’. 

I have learned a great deal about the drama of this digital social world, hence the reason I am very selective as to who I add now as a FaceBook “friend” -old friends and associates from elementary all the way through college, and a handful of people that I have met in some way over the past year. I’m not on these sites to date, be flirted with, or see how many people I can get as “friends”. People who want to connect with me on a professional level can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, my blog, or one of my websites. There is no reason for them to read or see personal things about me. I’m not saying FaceBook and Twitter are drama-free, what I’m saying is I have structured my account to by-pass the missteps I had with MySpace…and most importantly, my accounts have no ties to something or someone from a closed chapter in my book of life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that MySpace is a great site for entertainers, athletes, fan sites, teens and kids (when monitored), and the like. For the rest of us, especially those of us desiring a semblance of calm and not mania, it can be a disturbing place to try and coexist. For those of you die-hard MySpace fans, more power to you. Enjoy the ride.

Thanks for the good times MySpace!


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