An Enticing Book Review by M Jones: Yours Forever

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

My friend and writer, MJones, recently published her review of the book Yours Forever, written by Farrah Rochon.

While reading the review I was instantly drawn to the characters and storyline, and felt both a need to share her review but also purchase the book. Check out the MJones review below and tell me if you feel the same way:

[Review] Yours Forever by Farrah Rochon

by MJones

Rochon takes us to sleepy, quaint Gauthier Louisiana, where everybody knows your name, where you come from and who you’re sleeping with. When Professor Tamryn West descends upon the town on a quest for answers about her past and a diary that could give her tenure at Boston’s Brimley University, the first person she meets is handsome, rugged Matthew Gauthier, the town’s favorite son. He shows up on a Ducati and rescues her from a busted radiator, depositing her at her hotel.

Tamryn knows who Matthew is– after all, she’s been trying to reach him for the past six months. Matt, on the other hand, doesn’t recognize the name of the new beauty in town and he’s already in deep lust before he realizes that she wants information and details on the recent discovery of a stop on the historic Underground Railroad, which just happens to be located under his law firm, a Gauthier institution.

Despite his attraction, Matt can’t share his past with Tamryn, can’t let her find out about the ugly sins– past and present– of the Gauthiers. He’s about to run for a Senate seat against a nasty, mud slinging opponent and any scandal could ruin his chances. As much as he wants to help Professor West secure her teaching position, achieve tenure and make history with a book about how her great-great-great grandmother made history by creating a school for blacks with Matthew’s great-great-great grandmother, he can’t let his secrets be known. It could destroy everything he’s worked for.

Rochon has quickly risen to the ranks of one of my favorite Harlequin Kimani writers. Her stories are always varied and intriguing, with a story line I can sink my teeth into and passion that draws me in and keeps me turning pages. I’m a lover of history myself, so I also enjoyed the lessons via the tours — the old library archives at Xavier University, the pockets of history around Gauthier, and Rosemead, where Adeline West was born and worked as a slave.

Since this is a Harlequin Romance, I can’t pass up the opportunity to present Yours Forever as a passionate love story that takes place in a romantic little town among two strangers destined to be together. The attraction between Matt and Tamryn jumped off the page from the beginning, and though Tamryn initially resisted, it seemed like the wait was worth it. I liked watching the sparks grow into animal lust and that lust grow into a love that would make a man risk his career so the woman he cared for could have what she’s always wanted.

And in return, she gave him what he’s worked for his whole life.

Yours Forever is an enjoyable read, I hope you’ll pick it up when it’s out February 18th from Harlequin Kimani.


Natasha Foreman Bryant.

>P.S. I Love You

>I want to have a love like Holly and Jerry in the movie, “P.S. I Love You” starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. If you have never seen the movie you should. I don’t want to ruin it for you by sharing too many details. So let me just say that it deals with life, love, hope, change, loss, healing, dreams, and living our destiny. 

I’m going to buy a copy asap! 

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved. 

>The Complexities of Relationships: Part One

>In my soon-to-be 35 years on this planet (in two short months) I have dated more men than I would care to admit, and hopefully no one who remembers would ever shout out the number. (Laugh) With this experience, and the fact that I was blessed to have a father who first “schooled” me on guys when I was 12, and several male friends who taught me the ins and outs of ‘doggy land’, I have learned a great deal about men and about myself.

I love men and how they are wired. I love what I know about them and the hidden treasures that are still left uncovered. I’m not one of those women who yell out, “I don’t need a man”….please I don’t need drama, I don’t need pain, I don’t need mounting debt, I don’t need a toothache, I do need love…love from a man. The man who loves me and receives my love in return has definitely hit the jackpot and found a good thing, because I will give him all he needs as God directs our path. It has been a long journey to get to this place and space, and it has been worth the bumps, bruises, heart aches and heart breaks. Now I’m truly ready for what God has been preparing me for…my King!  


Those women who grew up with males showing them the “ropes” have a major advantage over women who had to learn the long, hard way about men and their nuances, games, and unbearable ways. I’m giggling as I write this because I know of some men who would scoff at that last description. What I have learned is that what I know about men I am not to share with them. In the past I would quickly ramble off every trick of the trade guys played to prove to them they could not pull the wool over my eyes. Now with time I have learned that men thrive off of playing a game of strategy. To be the “man” they must always maintain the upper hand. So for me, that means I cannot show my “cards”; simply let things be and don’t get played.

I have also learned that when I don’t give in to the game playing that men claim they don’t thrive on, that my life is less complicated. Some men live for drama, it’s like playing a video game or driving a sports car; they are adrenaline junkies so anytime they can live on the edge they will seize the moment. It’s also about control. No matter how many times and different ways they say that they aren’t control freaks and don’t expect to control all relationships (business and personal) they simply are not being honest.  

I believe that in the context of marriage, the man as husband is the head of the home…but his wife is his crown. A wife isn’t to walk ahead or behind her husband, but beside him on his left…closest to his heart. In relationships there is always one person who is stronger or weaker in certain areas than the other. We are to come together as one to compliment those areas of strength and weakness, not expose or pounce on them. When you resort to this level of immaturity what you are really doing is revealing your own insecurities.

Let me also say that the role of husband and wife are to only be played by husband and wife. Don’t set these expectations up in casual or even seemingly serious relationships. There is a big difference in carrying yourself like a woman who plans to be a wife, and mentally and physically assuming the role of a wife. You have emotionally married the man prematurely and that is when things get complicated and ugly. You start assuming and he starts assuming and you know what they say when you ass-u-me!   

I will let you ponder over that, and tomorrow I will continue with Part Two of this series. I look forward to your feedback…let’s have a healthy dialogue!

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.