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The Road to Success Quote

I found this quote on Jeff Yalden’s Twitter feed. I hope that it brings comfort, while motivating and inspiring you to keep pressing forward!

Natasha’s Quote of the Day: Aspirational Strategy

“Sometimes you have to keep your dreams, goals, setbacks, and frustrations to yourself because you are the only one walking in your shoes, and not everyone sees and experiences what you do—besides the fact that they have their own goals, issues, and needs—so they may dismiss, patronize, belittle, ignore, or make light of what you are focused on—-instead of allowing that added energy to get you down, separate yourself and then pour yourself into your work, project, or plan. When you have reached your goal it will seem effortless to the rest of the world!” – Natasha L. Foreman

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Spiritual Quote of the Day 5.1.13

“Church is WITHIN, not a physical manmade structure but the spiritual one-ness that you have with God. That doesn’t mean (or promote) avoiding the physical structure we call church, because that is where we go to worship, praise, connect, and have fellowship with other believers. It means that you can have church several times a day every day, and anywhere you choose if you so choose”.

– Natasha L. Foreman

This quote was motivated by this video shared by Daily Lift:

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>Natasha’s Quote of the Day 12.20.10


A person can only fake being someone they are not for only so long before their true self is revealed. Don’t be fooled with the superficial mask people wear- don’t be enamored with the pretty shell- instead look for their authentic self, it’s not difficult to find if you just look closely.

– Natasha L. Foreman

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