>Spiritual Connectedness: There are Many Ways We’re Called to Serve

>Daily I attempt to send via email and text Biblical scriptures, accompanied by a prayer and a reflection on both the passage and the prayer, in hopes that those I connect with spiritually will share with me the Word, pass on the message to others, and help spread love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, humility, tolerance, understanding, grace, care, and hope for a better today and tomorrow.

My friend Kenya began sending me scriptural text messages about two years ago, and from that seed she planted grew something so great and powerful that I felt the need to share with others. It is amazing how if I miss a day, friends and family quickly ask where their message for the day is, and if I’m okay. They look forward to reading the passages, reciting the prayers, deeply pondering on the reflection, and sharing their insight. 

It has been said that I should share these daily messages with others beyond the fifteen or so people I currently forward these words of inspiration to…so I have agreed to take the message beyond my comfort zone and share them in a blog named after the subject line in each daily email I send, “Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer & Reflection”. 

The URL is simply http://breakingbreadwithnatasha.blogspot.com/

This isn’t a blog with me preaching, passing judgment, hooping and hollering, and acting holier than thou. It’s also not about converting, recruiting, or the like. No reference to any denomination, church, being or person (unless they are named in the Bible) will EVER be shared here. No one is allowed to advertise or promote anything at anytime. I’m simply sharing with the masses what I have been sharing with a few. Want an example? Great. Here’s today’s message:

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it the issues springs life.
Proverbs 4:23

Father, thank You for giving me peace through any situation I might face. Thank You for the Word that turns any mess into a miracle; that lifts one up when we’re down, gives us hope when in doubt. I will praise so I can be raised. I Love You Father. In Jesus’ name Amen.

When times gets rough we show our true self to the world. How do you respond during turmoil? Do you let it drag you down to your lowest depths or do you grab ahold of something and fight your way back to the top?

How are you in relationships? Are you putting God 1st or do you think of your perceived wants and needs first? If your heart is not warmed by and for God then you struggle to forgive, let go of past issues, move forward, and grow.

Today won’t you take that step towards faith that God as your protector has you?
Feel free to join me for daily inspiration as we pray together for each other, and for the rest of the world. http://breakingbreadwithnatasha.blogspot.com/

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

>Truly the Longest Thirty Five Seconds

>I promised to keep everyone abreast to the latest in Haiti…I also feel the need to share with you a video that made me cry soon after it began. Let me just say that if this footage does not stir up emotions in you, then I don’t think you’re human. A close friend of mine was born and raised in Haiti. I shared her story in an earlier blog soon after the earthquake hit. This experience connected us more than ever before. So of course she felt that I would want and need to see this video. I have to remind myself that as nature destroys it also rebuilds, and the people of Haiti are strong, resilient, brave, and filled with faith…they too shall rebuild.

Palais from Morgan Freeman on Vimeo.

Feel free to forward this message and video on to others, as we all must remain connected to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Remember that they still need all the help you can give. My church has been packing supplies, clothing, etc. and shipping it regularly to help those in Haiti who live to tell their testimony. As you say a prayer for yourself and your family each day, take a few moments to include your Haitian family…not too far away!

Copyright 2010 Natasha L. Foreman

>Praising During Sunshine and Storms

>”God is good- all the time” we have all heard and said this phrase, this declaration, countless times but do we truly understand the depth of that statement? Do we understand the weight of each word as you say it, digest it and make it a part of your very essence and way of life? “God” “IS” “Good” “ALL THE TIME”…not some of the time, not just during the Playoffs or Superbowl, not just when you get out of that speeding ticket…ALL OF THE TIME!

With that I must stir this proverbial pot a tad by saying, don’t just praise His name when good things come your way. Praise Him when you’re in life’s quicksand and you don’t know what to do…when you feel like life is about to suck the last breath out of you…praise Him then also because if you haven’t learned in your 18+ years of life that God answers all prayers- it may not be when you want it but it will be when you need it.

So although I love hearing people say “God is good Natasha” when something great has happened; let me hear it when you don’t know how you’ll put gas in your car, or don’t know where your next meal will come from, or how you will get to work tomorrow since the bus does not run in your area….Praise Him!

Copyright © 2010 by Natasha L. Foreman. All rights reserved.