30 Years of Bernie Sanders…For Those of You Don’t Know

Here’s a great compilation of video snippets of Bernie Sanders speaking over the past 30 years for the underserved, underrepresented, working class, middle class, minorities, and small business owners…

I’ve Lost Track of The Ignorant Things Ben Carson Says

There are times when I’m so dumbfounded by what Presidential-hopeful, Ben Carson says, that I just stop in my tracks and stare at whatever device, newspaper, or magazine that delivered the shocking blow—and I wonder what in the world is going on inside of this man’s brain?!?

Look, I’m all for Ben operating on someone, maybe even me—I think, nowadays I’d even question his judgment there—but to serve as my leader, a global negotiator…ummm…heck no!

I’m not sure if Ben’s just trying to get in good with ultra conservatives and nut cases, but he’s definitely secured my “no-way-on-God’s-green-earth-will-I-ever-vote-for-you” vote.

Have you stopped and pondered all of the ignorant things that this man has said? I’m not sure if he’s trying to outdo that other over-the-top Republican candidate, whose  name rhymes with “chump”, but he has definitely garnered his own list of ridiculousness. When I consider the fact that he’s ranked number two in the polls for Republican candidates, I don’t know whether to be scared, concerned, alarmed, or all three.

Check out the list that was posted on October 26th that highlights the most ridiculous, ignorant, and blatantly elitist comments that have spewed from Ben Carson’s mouth since he publicly stated his goal of becoming my country’s commander in chief [it bothers me to type that] :


Why You Don’t Know You’re Being Bamboozled by (Many) Politicians and Unfortunately Even the Media

Every time we near an election in the U.S. we get bombarded with the same ole’ same ole:

1. Reproductive Rights
2. Immigration Reform
3. Religious mish mash (and total contradiction of the Constitution)
4. A bunch of mess we didn’t think much about beforehand

Now is no different.

Thanks to the media (thank goodness I changed my major in undergrad), we get to hear the ignorant blabbering of many politicians and wannabe politicians, who all want the same thing—power, and to pretend that their motives are anything but.

You have to understand one fact that politicians and the media understand about the general public:

We are like microwave ovens. Just push our buttons, program us, and tell us when to start and stop.

Our short-term memories are fragmented. We won’t use our critical thinking skills. We won’t use our common sense. We think that every person with a title must be an expert (even that title gets us), and should never be questioned—unless of course, someone tells us to question them. We are so inundated with noise that we can’t slow down long enough to fact-check claims and statements that people make. We have multitasked our brains so much that we’re not far from carrying around a pile of mush. That is why so many of us vote (in elections) based on what’s easiest—Pick the candidate who:

Is the most popular candidate;
– Represents your political party;
– Swore he/she would keep their promises;
– Claims to be of the same religious denomination as you;
– Is the attractive candidate (or the one with the attractive family);
– Is the underdog or the outlier (or both);
– Seems to have the same values as you;
– Seems to be just as “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, as you

Most voters don’t pay close enough attention to candidates before they enter the political ring. They don’t know their track record, beliefs, and values, before they threw in their hat to run for a political office. They don’t look closely to see if these individuals actually walk the walk or merely talk out of their backside. We have all of this technology at our disposal, yet we don’t use it to research the people who claim to be honorable enough to serve as our leaders. Instead, we line ourselves up like sheep ready for slaughter.

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Contraception Debate is Dividing Americans, Including Women

According to Gallup, Americans are strongly divided on the issue of contraception.

Americans sympathize almost equally with religious leaders (48%) and the Obama administration (45%) in the debate over whether religious-based employers should have to provide contraception coverage for their employees.
Read more at GALLUP.com.