>The Answer When Going Through Life’s Changes

>My mentor for over twenty years, Judy Sampson shared some awesome words with me last week when I was having a hard day, week, month, quarter…my spirits were low and I was doubting myself. I was struggling with myself, I was missing deadlines and noticing my fears mounting; and I asked her to pray for me. Here’s what she said:

“When you’re going through hell…keep going”

That was it! I needed to keep walking through my personal hell and believe that I would make it through. I needed to continue facing my fears and open my mind to the possibility of achieving my goals by my final deadline. A few days later it re-sparked my creative juices and I began to structure the ideas that I had been visualizing for quite some time into functional, workable concepts.

This week has been exceptionally awesome as my ideas have been flowing effortlessly from my mind…ready to move forward. It is amazing how seven simple words can tap the recesses of your mind and trigger your internal light bulb! Another reason why mentoring is important in both your professional and personal life.

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>To Reach Your Goal…See it First

>A few days ago we looked at setting your goals. Today let’s move a step farther away from your comfort zone shall we?!? In order for your goals to be a major focus in your life you need to see them daily. What do I mean by that? Well, let me put it to you this way, you can’t simply write them in your journal or on a sheet of paper and put it away somewhere. Your goals need to be in your face day in and day out asking you, “So what are you doing today to make this happen?”

I have post-it notes I keep in my car, on my laptop, bathroom mirror in my bedroom, and throughout my home. I call them “God notes” because I’m asking God to show up and show out to help me reach these weekly and monthly goals. On my dry erase board in my office I have my big action plan items that I need to attack and conquer for my clients, and for myself. I have my financial goals boldly written where I can see them every time I enter and exit the room.

Another key reinforcer is a goal poster that I like putting on walls and bedroom doors. I don’t care that some people may think it’s tacky to do, I know how it makes me feel (especially when I accomplish those goals). First writing down my goals with the dates (which can be done in a notebook) allows me to put them in order of priority, making sure that I included every goal both short term and long term. Then I transfer the information written to the poster (bright colored ones really catch and hold your attention), making sure that it is legible and can be seen from a distance. I will oftentimes cut out pictures of items that represent the goal and clearly indicate my target completion date. Matter of fact, it’s time for an updated board this week.

Lastly, I have a “dream book” that I started in 2002-2003 while working with Mary Kay Cosmetics. As I moved up in leadership positions it was vital that I kept myself focused on what I needed and wanted in life….my big girl dreams! This week I must update it because some of the dates have passed, and the dreams I had as goals (and accomplished) need to be replaced with new goals. The goals I did not achieve, need to be re-assessed and updated with new dates. I will then share it with one to two people whose opinion matters most to me.

When I don’t keep these reminders in front of me constantly, I have nothing staring me in my face on those lazy days and not-feeling-so-good-days that tell me I’m slacking, and risk losing more than the roof over my head.

When fear tries to set in and my vision becomes blurred, I can quickly and easily turn to a “God note” or one of my other sources for motivation and clarity.

Be sure that your “accountability team” is doing their job and that you’re keeping them posted on your progress. Not reaching your goals does not phase you as much when no one knew of your goals to begin with- but the moment you tell people, “my goal is to bring home $7,100 monthly net beginning May 1, 2010” believe that March 29th they are asking you how close you are at reaching your goal….April 20th they are asking, “are you ready?”… And by May 1st they will be looking at you closely to see if you did what you said you would!

You must realize that you need this fire under you sometimes. Embrace it!

Now if you don’t have one to two people to share your goals with then contact me! I’ve been there…the naysayers, the scared kittens who run behind the curtains when they hear thunder and lightning….those are definitely not the type of people you need to share your goals with. You can’t run to the top with Shaggy and Scooby…trust me…the only time you will be running to the top of anything and that is up a flight of stairs (out of fear) trying to get away from something!

You need believers, innovators, movers and shakers. You need people who are forward-thinking, dream big and work smart so they can win. You need people who face fear head on; who hear and see the lightning and thunder and admire the power behind it, as they sit, watch, and listen in amazement.

…So trust and believe that I have spent many years wondering who would be a part of my “accountability team”. I wondered who could be trusted to encourage and push me even at times when things got blurry and I was not sure I would make it across the finish line. I’ve had people on my team that were lovingly cut; just as I have recently brought people aboard who expect nothing but the best from me and will encourage, motivate, push, and pull me all the way to the top.

The years of pushing myself, alone, were miserable and counter-productive. Having mentors and friends who know me, know my potential, and know my heart, surround me and say, “you can do it Tasha” has made all the difference. I’m not saying I don’t still have people around me who don’t see my vision, who don’t see how I can set high goals for myself with a short window of time to accomplish them; but I don’t rely on them for support, cheerleading and butt kicking…their simply my added motivation to prove to them that you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

So when faced with negative or insensitive comments about your goal posters, “God notes”, or dream book simply look directly into their eyes and say these four little words- pretend…its…not…there. If for whatever reason you have a real comedian on hand, smile and then say these four words- don’t…worry…about…it….then wait for their response; or should I say non-response.

As you find yourself reaching and accomplishing more and more goals be prepared for the sap sucking groupies because they will be coming out the wood works claiming they always believed in you from the beginning! Don’t stop and entertain this but for a minute (or at all) because you still have much more to do within your lifetime and investing in fair weather friends is not a lucrative investment!

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