“Frankie Leg”: A Fun Image of Grandmothers Shedding their Frail Stereotype, or is this Adding to a More Negative One?


I’m really not sure what to say about this video, its message, and the impact (if any). I also am not sure what it says overall about the people it will ultimately reflect upon and clump together into one classification. Is this a fun and possibly healthy image of grandmothers and grandfathers shedding and shaking away the frail stereotype normally associated with getting older? Or is this somehow only adding to the negative stereotypes about Black people?

I start thinking of the buffoonery we once used to fight so hard against, and I wonder if we really have gone full-circle and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of where we once were; if we have grown to accept not only other nationalities laughing and mocking us, but also embracing it as a reality for ourselves–so we too take part in this…we too find it acceptable; so we laugh, dance, smile, shuck and jive, and roll around comfortably in mediocrity.

Are we really in that much pain that we would rather entertain ourselves in this manner than uplift ourselves out of our pit of shame and despair? What message are our children really getting? Where is our dignity? When is enough truly enough? I believe that music and dance is healthy, healing, and cleansing–but does the “Frankie Leg” fall into those categories?

I am still letting all of this soak into my mind (which may be dangerous). But let’s have a healthy conversation about it shall we?


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>Natasha’s Love-Lust Quote of the Day for 1.5.11

>I was flipping through one of my journals I write my business and motivational thoughts and affirmations, and I ran across a thought I wrote on December 28, 2010. I was reflecting on something I was witnessing a friend go through and the realization that I too have fallen into this trap plenty of times in the past. Let me share…

“We fall for the visual attractiveness but fail to see the lack of substance and depth. We are moved by the warm fuzzy ‘stuff’ but are too blind to see there is no real connection that can be healthy and long-lasting.”

– Natasha L. Foreman, MBA December 28, 2010
We must get past the superficial layers we are moved by- and dig deep inside to find the true wealth and beauty. This year focus on gaining and maintaining genuine, healthy, long-lasting relationships based on substance not instant gratification and short-term thinking. Happy New Year!
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