“Frankie Leg”: A Fun Image of Grandmothers Shedding their Frail Stereotype, or is this Adding to a More Negative One?


I’m really not sure what to say about this video, its message, and the impact (if any). I also am not sure what it says overall about the people it will ultimately reflect upon and clump together into one classification. Is this a fun and possibly healthy image of grandmothers and grandfathers shedding and shaking away the frail stereotype normally associated with getting older? Or is this somehow only adding to the negative stereotypes about Black people?

I start thinking of the buffoonery we once used to fight so hard against, and I wonder if we really have gone full-circle and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of where we once were; if we have grown to accept not only other nationalities laughing and mocking us, but also embracing it as a reality for ourselves–so we too take part in this…we too find it acceptable; so we laugh, dance, smile, shuck and jive, and roll around comfortably in mediocrity.

Are we really in that much pain that we would rather entertain ourselves in this manner than uplift ourselves out of our pit of shame and despair? What message are our children really getting? Where is our dignity? When is enough truly enough? I believe that music and dance is healthy, healing, and cleansing–but does the “Frankie Leg” fall into those categories?

I am still letting all of this soak into my mind (which may be dangerous). But let’s have a healthy conversation about it shall we?


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>New Year, New Start…or New Year, Same Drama: Where’s Option C?


I hear people mention their New Year’s Resolution without second thought. I remember the days when I used to make out a long laundry list of resolutions for the upcoming year. By or before December 31st of the following year I would be disappointed at how many things I didn’t accomplish. Eventually it became clear that instead of creating resolutions I should focus on goals and objectives, with clearly defined benchmarks. I have some resolutions that I want to address; these resolutions are two of the most mentioned and two we fail to see to fruition because we’re completely and utterly…clueless! One resolution is concerning health and fitness, and the other is about our personal relationships.

Health and Fitness

If you want to lose weight, stop smoking, lower your cholesterol, or fight the onslaught of diabetes…you have to change your lifestyle! If your weight is an issue, then reduce your portion size, make healthier food choices such as whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and cut out fatty, processed foods. Opt for water instead of soda and concentrated juice. Then get active…whether it is with a Nintendo Wii Fit, working out with an aerobics video or television program, walking or riding your bike in your neighborhood, or hitting the gym…find three or more days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes to get your body moving…it will thank you!


There’s a saying that basically states that whomever you start the new year with you will share the rest of the year with…I used to believe it, now I’m realizing that we don’t control those elements…and if you are then you or that person is probably miserable and looking for a way out of the relationship. I have started many “new years” with people that were only in my life for a season. Relationships just like vehicles require regular maintenance and tune-ups. In your gut you know when your vehicle needs to be donated to charity or simply scrapped because it’s a clunker. You also know it’s time to sell it or trade it in when the car note is too high for you pay each month. The same is true in relationships. If both people are not equally vested in the relationship eventually someone will be carrying the ‘load’ while the other person is going through the motions. Don’t place your relationship on your New Year’s Resolution List! Every day you should strive to be a better person, more understanding and considerate, an active listener, and more loving. You don’t need to make a resolution in order to become this person… you just need a little patience and a daily reminder as to how you want to be treated, and then you do it!

Now let me say, if your resolution is to find a person to start a relationship with, you my friend need help. Those words bring about images of potential stalker-like qualities. It should not be your resolution but rather a prayer or wish to find a companion in the near future. If you put an actual date on finding someone, then you will potentially set yourself up for finding a mate who really isn’t meant for you.

Reflecting on what I have said about the two biggest resolutions we start but never accomplish what steps will you take from changing your habit of making resolutions to instead, developing a healthy lifestyle based on common sense strategies?

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