Bernice A. King Trying to Stop the Sale of Her Father’s Prized Possessions

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Elder Dr. Bernice A. King, the youngest daughter of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, is trying her best to keep her brothers, Dexter King and Martin Luther King III, from selling their father’s Nobel Peace Prize medal and his personal Bible to a private buyer. Both of these items were his prized possessions.
 Wouldn’t they be for you?
 It’s not his floss or hair brush, it’s his Bible (road map, tool, accountability source) and his Nobel Peace Prize medal (for sacrificing everything in hopes of a better, more dignified life for all people worldwide).
 If you don’t already know the background details about Dexter and Martin suing Bernice, their aunt, Christine King Farris, other family members, loyal friends of their parents, and the King Center (where all three children serve on the board) then read more about the lawsuit and this most recent travesty here
 Then share your thoughts.
 I wonder what their parents wish they could get them to do and say to stop this madness. I wonder how their parents feel about the legacy they left behind. I wonder what it will take to right these wrongs, set things where they need to be, and build the King legacy where it should be.
 Martin Luther King III, is the only child to have offspring, his daughter Yolanda (named after their late sister by the same name). The King legacy will be left to Yolanda and in some ways (if they are willing) her cousins (from great aunt Christine’s side of the family—on the Farris side).
 But unless Martin III, Bernice or Dexter have more children (by blood), and more specifically, boys, the King name will end with Yolanda, when everyone else is long gone. Think about that.
 I just wonder how what happens today, this year, will impact their parents legacy 10, 15, 20-plus years from now. What will the King name be worth in 50 years?
 The King legacy impacts generations yet unborn, worldwide, or so it’s supposed to…
 I just wonder.
 What about you? What do you think?
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“Frankie Leg”: A Fun Image of Grandmothers Shedding their Frail Stereotype, or is this Adding to a More Negative One?


I’m really not sure what to say about this video, its message, and the impact (if any). I also am not sure what it says overall about the people it will ultimately reflect upon and clump together into one classification. Is this a fun and possibly healthy image of grandmothers and grandfathers shedding and shaking away the frail stereotype normally associated with getting older? Or is this somehow only adding to the negative stereotypes about Black people?

I start thinking of the buffoonery we once used to fight so hard against, and I wonder if we really have gone full-circle and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of where we once were; if we have grown to accept not only other nationalities laughing and mocking us, but also embracing it as a reality for ourselves–so we too take part in this…we too find it acceptable; so we laugh, dance, smile, shuck and jive, and roll around comfortably in mediocrity.

Are we really in that much pain that we would rather entertain ourselves in this manner than uplift ourselves out of our pit of shame and despair? What message are our children really getting? Where is our dignity? When is enough truly enough? I believe that music and dance is healthy, healing, and cleansing–but does the “Frankie Leg” fall into those categories?

I am still letting all of this soak into my mind (which may be dangerous). But let’s have a healthy conversation about it shall we?


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>Responses to Going Against the Grain Prenup Post

>Three ladies close to me responded to my blog post on prenups…check out what they had to say:

…I totally agree with you on the prenup. I know a woman right now that has been married for several years. She helped her husband raise his kids and pay for his house. Throughout the marriage he purchased several acres of land. Of course you know he would not have been able to do this without her assistance. Now he is divorcing her and wants half of her retirement, wants to keep the home and the rest of the property. He had the divorce papers served to her at their home. She had to move out. She is now living in an apartment. I thought how cruel he could be when he wants the divorce.

Now here’s the real kicker, she still loves the b@#&@*#! Sorry, I had to go there, but it’s the truth. If I get married again, I would definitely have a prenup.

Here’s a second viewpoint:

Go girl. I agree. I think it is a great idea. However if I helped you attain any wealth then I am entitled to that. Even if we dated for 7 years and all along the way I helped you. Then we married and later divorced. I am entitled. If I did nothing I get nothing!      Sounds fair!

If I came into a wealthy marriage and we chose for me to stay at home then I think the man should at least help you get on your own. Maybe initial costs of living especially with kids involved. Prenup could be the answer, we would have a lot less gold-diggers out there marrying old men for their money….

Here’s a third viewpoint:

I agree with you 100%, especially as I get older. Prenups can include anything, like you said, but it helps set the expectations of each person. It’s more than money or potenial wealth that it protects, it’s like a guide book (depending on what you include) for the happy couple. You never want to go into a marriage thinking about divorce, but you should always be prepared for whatever may happen in life. Great post.

Anyone else want to share their thoughts? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Don’t be afraid or intimidated. It’s all about healthy dialogue! 🙂

Natasha L. Foreman

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