Wanna Ride a Porsche Bicycle?

I just read an article that aims to highlight some new Porsche news. Some people love the idea, while others find it humorous that Porsche has plans to crank out premium-line bicycles, supposedly speaking to the environmentalist and the cycling junkie. The cost is going to be high, and has yet to be announced. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this all-or-mostly carbon bike doesn’t start off around $10k for the base model.

Despite what the article headline says, I don’t think that Porsche was primarily concerned with environmental responsibility when they made the decision to branch into bicycle development. I think that it’s an additional revenue stream, and as long as the quality of the bikes are up to par with the beloved Porsche vehicles, then they can check this “box” also. It’s about being competitive and meeting consumer wants and needs. If you can build it and people will buy it, then do it.

I’m a Porsche girl. I have been since I was knee-high. So I understand that some Porsche enthusiasts will buy one of the bikes just-because. Some may see it as a collector’s item, others just to show off, and then a small group will actually put their butts on the saddle and ride. At the end of the day, none of us need a Porsche-anything. But we love the thrill and excitement that comes from having it. It’s instant gratification that you get to feel over and over again. Something you just don’t get from chocolate or ice cream. To say, “I have a Porsche mountain bike” or, “I have a Porsche hybrid bike” may give some folks goosebumps.

What do you think? Would you invest in a Porsche bike? Read the original article and then share your thoughts.


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“Frankie Leg”: A Fun Image of Grandmothers Shedding their Frail Stereotype, or is this Adding to a More Negative One?


I’m really not sure what to say about this video, its message, and the impact (if any). I also am not sure what it says overall about the people it will ultimately reflect upon and clump together into one classification. Is this a fun and possibly healthy image of grandmothers and grandfathers shedding and shaking away the frail stereotype normally associated with getting older? Or is this somehow only adding to the negative stereotypes about Black people?

I start thinking of the buffoonery we once used to fight so hard against, and I wonder if we really have gone full-circle and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of where we once were; if we have grown to accept not only other nationalities laughing and mocking us, but also embracing it as a reality for ourselves–so we too take part in this…we too find it acceptable; so we laugh, dance, smile, shuck and jive, and roll around comfortably in mediocrity.

Are we really in that much pain that we would rather entertain ourselves in this manner than uplift ourselves out of our pit of shame and despair? What message are our children really getting? Where is our dignity? When is enough truly enough? I believe that music and dance is healthy, healing, and cleansing–but does the “Frankie Leg” fall into those categories?

I am still letting all of this soak into my mind (which may be dangerous). But let’s have a healthy conversation about it shall we?


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>Health and Fitness Tip For 10.9.10

>Instead of being a couch potato, workout while watching TV! You can get in a great 30-60 minute workout right in front of you TV. While watching your favorite program you can walk or jog in place, or in various patterns around the room. You can curl dumbbells, do squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and so much more. You can even simulate jump roping, who says you need the actual rope?

Think of the number of mountain climbers, leg lifts, arm circles, or reverse crunches you can crank out during a commercial break? Or you can save commercials for chugging back more water, or taking a "potty" break. Okay maybe that was TMI, but you get my point.

It's important that you stay hydrated throughout your workout, and that you aren't blocking the entire TV if you're doing this during "family time"; that's a sure way of causing drama. Trust me, you don't need that much room to workout, but make sure you have enough to move around safely. Soon after beginning your warm-up you will begin to perspire, you will notice as you're stretching that your body is really heating up (that's when you reach for your bottle of water) and if your body runs like mine, you should be in a soggy puddle of sweat in no time!

Remember that you need to burn what you have put in your body, not what you expect to put in it, so exercise shortly after a meal so you're not carrying over excess calories from earlier meals into the next one. It doesn't make sense to burn 200-300 calories during a workout (with 400-800 still in reserve from previous meals) just to put another 500-700 inside of your body post-workout. You are then always constantly ingesting and storing more carbs, proteins, and fats, than what you are able to work off…the end result is more BULGE!!!

Make sense?

I'd love to show you how to make exercise fun, work within your busy life, and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. Want to learn more? My health and fitness section on this blog is coming real soon. But you can always contact me at: natasha@natashaforeman.info

If you won't take care of yourself for your self, then do it for the one(s) you love, so that you have more special moments to spend together!


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