Natasha’s “Discipline and Focus” Quote of the Day 12.15.11

I learn the lesson and move forward, not dwelling on what once was because I’m too focused on what I’m doing now and how it can impact my future. I’m not concerned with those I once encountered who I walked away from because if they were meant to be in my life today God would have kept them by my side…I am not concerned with what once was or if something could have been differently; the woulda, coulda, shoulda is for people who will always be less than where they need to be in life. I am also in no hurry to get to my future for I am still amazed by what is taking place today, the present, and the gifts that I receive daily by just being receptive and accountable. I strive to lead, live and make decisions in and through excellence not fear, doubt, or insecurity. Those who don’t see things that way usually don’t last walking next to me on this path. I lovingly allow them to stay behind or sprint ahead, because I’m on a long-distance mission of greatness that can’t be rushed or held behind.”

–¬†Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

(a portion of this quote is an excerpt from her 12.15.11 “Breaking Bread With Natasha” posts. Check them out here:¬†WordPress and Blogger)
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>Valentine’s Day was Exceptional Because I Shared it With an Exceptional Person

>I don’t know about you but my Valentine’s Day was amazing, incredible, and exceptional because of who I spent it with…and how he made me feel…like a Princess!

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful moment, just a day that you spoil the person you love a little more than you already do. If you give them a teeny tiny bit of you then I understand the stress of having to do something- you’re not used to giving much of yourself on a regular basis. If you already do a lot to express your love and appreciation for someone else, then Valentine’s Day should be a piece of cake.

The way I see it do something you wouldn’t normally do. Ladies treat your man to something special that he would like to do or something he would normally do…like tickets to a sporting event, or take his car in for servicing. Fellas go beyond the flowers and candy, and try something like bringing her breakfast in bed…it would really be special if in addition to buying and prepping it, that you cooked the meal. Just a thought!

My night was amazing. Candlelight dinner, mouth-dropping gifts that I didn’t expect (but I appreciate more than he knows), followed by incredible performances by Brownstone and the legendary Howard Hewett.

Even with all of those amazing surprises and moments, the best and fondest moment was just spending it with an amazing person. That is what Valentine’s Day means to me!


Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.