>My SWOT: Family and Friends Provide Feedback 9.12.10

>Have you taken the time to share your SWOT with friends and family? What did they have to say? Did they share more traits that you hadn’t thought about? What did you discover about yourself? What did you discover about how your loved ones view and relate to you?

Here’s what I found out from a loved one who added to my lists (these are their exact words I copied/pasted from their email):

Family oriented
Loyal – this goes a little deeper than trustworthy
Go Getter
Independent Thinker
You stand out in crowd
Your presence is welcomed
You live loud yet conservative
Your character speaks for you
Hard Worker
Not complicated
Play well with others
Drama Free
Not afraid to speak up
Too afraid of creepy crawly things – haaaa
Loyal to those who don’t want to see you shine like the star you are
Helper to those who have selfish goals

This analysis opened my eyes to other qualities I had overlooked and hadn’t thought of as I made and reviewed my SWOT. Looking closely at this I’m more of a ‘people person’ than I thought I was, my presence does matter, and some of the things that make me special (a giver, loyal, and dependable) also leave me more vulnerable to being hurt and taken advantage of. Looking at this list of how someone else who loves me, sees me, reassures me that I’m not in this alone, that I’m doing something right most of the time, and that I always have another person in my corner who sees, knows, and appreciates me for me. 

That is deep! Now it is time to take things to the next level….

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