>Fasting: A Connection, An Awakening, A Commitment…and My Body Likes it Too!

>Today is day two on my liquid fast (drinking nothing but water and a special juice and vitamin blend that I mix with water) and wowsers it has been an exhilarating experience. Let me say right now, do not…I repeat…do not begin a fast, diet, or any exercise regimen without consulting with a medical professional first. Yes, I got the green light to begin mine. Now that I have covered that, let’s move forward.

Removing all food and drinks that normally would satisfy my temporary needs for instant gratification, and of course sustenance is a fear (believe it or not)  many people struggle with. Now for those people who don’t have access to food and sweets, and the like, this is not a huge step for them…this is their reality, something they live daily. For the rest of us who have free access to basically anything we want to consume, we can’t fathom not eating for one or more days (especially if we’re not physically sick).

So what am I experiencing on day two?

My body has reignited. It is recharging, cleansing, flushing out, burning junk, and feeling good…no…great. My mind is sharp and my energy level is up. I was so in-tune during church service today as the message that came to me focused on faith and overcoming our fears…timely and much-needed message.  

As I type this post my body heat has increased considerably to the point that I’m perspiring. I noticed this happening earlier today but did not pay close attention to what was going on exactly. My experience as an athlete has signaled my mind to quickly comprehend what is taking place inside my temple. My body is going through diet-induced Thermogenesis and soon Ketosis. Aaaah two big “three dollar words” one of my closest friends would say. For those of you who consider ‘research’ as searching on Google or deferring to Wikipedia let me share with you the process of diet-induced thermogenesis, and what Wikipedia defined and explained Ketosis to be:

Diet-induced Thermogenesis basically is the creation of heat induced by one’s diet. It is the process where your body heats up considerably as it burns stored fat. One example I found said for us to look at thermogenesis like a thermostat being turned up in our body. “If we turn up the thermostat, we’re causing more of the energy we take in to go into thermogenesis as well as other areas of the sympathetic system, so less of the energy is used in work and less is used for storage and less goes to fat. The brown fat is activated, and it calls into service the white cells, which are the primary storage of fat in the body.” (natural.com)

There is also thermogenesis that is brought on by working out, and of course by supplements and drugs. 

All of that is amazing isn’t it?

So what is Ketosis?
It “is a state of the organism characterised by elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood, by the process of ketogenesis. Ketone bodies are formed when the liver glycogen stores are depleted. The ketone bodies acetoacetate and ß-hydroxybutyrate are used for energy. [1]”

When looking at ketosis and dieting:

“If the diet is changed from a highly glycemic diet to a diet that does not provide sufficient carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores, the body goes through a set of stages to enter ketosis. During the initial stages of this process, the adult brain does not burn ketones; however, the brain makes immediate use of this important substrate for lipid synthesis in the brain.”

So then what happens?

“After about 48 hours of this process, the brain starts burning ketones in order to more directly utilize the energy from the fat stores that are being depended upon, and to reserve the glucose only for its absolute needs, thus avoiding the depletion of the body’s protein store in the muscles.”

Wow now that is incredible, don’t you think?

So at the same time I am refocusing my mind, overcoming my fears, committing to finding myself and regaining faith in the unknown and inconceivable, I am also rebuilding my body and making it better and more efficient. Day two is almost over and day three will begin before I know it (God willing)…I’m not sure how many days I will fast, definitely no more than seven. I look forward to the experience more and will keep everyone posted on how I’m doing. Once again let me stress…do not begin a fast, diet, or any exercise regimen without consulting with a medical professional first! Until we meet here again, make it an awesome day!

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.


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