Today is My Mom’s Birthday!!!!

Bride's Mother

Today is my mother’s birthday and I wanted to make sure that I shared this day with the world. My mom is my mother, friend, confidante, supporter, protector, provider, nurturer, and so much more. She was my first teacher. I was blessed to hear her heartbeat and voice from within her womb. I am the woman I am partly because of the woman who is my mom. I can’t imagine my life with another woman as my mother.

mommy and me at Santa Monica Beach 1976

She taught me how to read at the age of two. She taught me how to dance. She encouraged me to get a little dirty outside in the yard. She taught me how to cook. She taught me how to use my critical thinking skills. She exposed me to that wonderful creative brain of hers and opened my eyes to all of the wondrous things that I could one day create.

Bride's Father

My mom has taught me to seek and find the silver lining in all of life’s clouds. She also taught me the gift of giving. It is because of her I started volunteering in my community as a child. It is because of her that I continue to volunteer and give back to communities all over.

me and mom 1985

I thank God every single day for blessing me with an amazing mother, teacher, and friend. Here’s to many many many more days and years celebrating and being thankful for this beautiful woman.

mom and me at Uncle Archie funeral March 2017

Happy birthday mom. I’ve loved you from the moment I was conceived and I will love you forever.

Love Your “Fish”,


Happy 115th Birthday Jeralean Talley

What an awesome story about an awesome woman, Jeralean Talley, the oldest living American turns 115 today. Read and hear more about Jeralean here.


>It’s Been Awhile

>It’s been a few months since my last post. I have to admit that there are no real reasons but a bunch of excuses. Life happens and sometimes we forget that we still need to reflect and find the strength to make it through our days.

A lot has happened since my last post and without dwelling on my personal life and what’s missing in it I will instead focus on the positive…my blessings….Tomorrow is my birthday and I am grateful for another year…all thirty plus years.

Wow it’s amazing saying that because it seems just like yesterday I was 30 and before that I was 25 and oh I remember being 21 and saying that, “I can’t wait until I’m thirty”. Thirty has come and gone and I am in excellent mental and physical health thank goodness; I have been attending church regularly and now I’m even attending Wednesday night services, and I volunteer there also.

Oftentimes when we have a void in our lives we fill it with things that just don’t belong there such as bad relationships, junk food, alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex, etc. This time when a void occurred I worked hard to overcome my natural inclination to fill that space with instant gratification.

I’m tiptoeing on being in my mid-30s…some would say I’m already there…please let me stay in denial for a little while longer! 🙂

There’s things that I pray for daily and I must focus on desiring the things that I need and not simply the things that I want. I want to be married and have a family…I believe that this is a need but I’m not quite sure. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs it does count as a need.

What Maslow believed is that with growth and development we lean less on our physiological needs, and our need for safety and security, and we progress up the pyramid towards the highest need for self-actualization.

I’d like to get your feedback…what do you think about Maslow’s Hierarchy and do you think my desire for marriage and family is a need…or a want?