Why You Don’t Know You’re Being Bamboozled by (Many) Politicians and Unfortunately Even the Media

Every time we near an election in the U.S. we get bombarded with the same ole’ same ole:

1. Reproductive Rights
2. Immigration Reform
3. Religious mish mash (and total contradiction of the Constitution)
4. A bunch of mess we didn’t think much about beforehand

Now is no different.

Thanks to the media (thank goodness I changed my major in undergrad), we get to hear the ignorant blabbering of many politicians and wannabe politicians, who all want the same thing—power, and to pretend that their motives are anything but.

You have to understand one fact that politicians and the media understand about the general public:

We are like microwave ovens. Just push our buttons, program us, and tell us when to start and stop.

Our short-term memories are fragmented. We won’t use our critical thinking skills. We won’t use our common sense. We think that every person with a title must be an expert (even that title gets us), and should never be questioned—unless of course, someone tells us to question them. We are so inundated with noise that we can’t slow down long enough to fact-check claims and statements that people make. We have multitasked our brains so much that we’re not far from carrying around a pile of mush. That is why so many of us vote (in elections) based on what’s easiest—Pick the candidate who:

Is the most popular candidate;
– Represents your political party;
– Swore he/she would keep their promises;
– Claims to be of the same religious denomination as you;
– Is the attractive candidate (or the one with the attractive family);
– Is the underdog or the outlier (or both);
– Seems to have the same values as you;
– Seems to be just as “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, as you

Most voters don’t pay close enough attention to candidates before they enter the political ring. They don’t know their track record, beliefs, and values, before they threw in their hat to run for a political office. They don’t look closely to see if these individuals actually walk the walk or merely talk out of their backside. We have all of this technology at our disposal, yet we don’t use it to research the people who claim to be honorable enough to serve as our leaders. Instead, we line ourselves up like sheep ready for slaughter.


Our short-term memories are fragmented.

Do you recall that I just made this statement about three paragraphs ago? You are most likely multitasking while reading this, and so you probably don’t remember reading that statement. That’s one of our biggest flaws and why we are the biggest targets for politicians.

They know that we’re suffering from a specialized type of attention deficit. They know that we will forget unless someone reminds us. They know that all they have to do is spin and deflect long enough to get into office.

Whatever you read in the newspaper or online must be right, right? Whatever you hear on your favorite news channel must be right, because they wouldn’t rush to judgment and report inaccurate news, would they? No, that’s not possible. No, it’s not possible that the perverse desire to be first to print with the hottest story, could potentially lead to a lack of fact-checking and proper editorial review.

I hope you hear my sarcasm loud and clear.

Do you really know why certain Presidential candidates are ranked in the top 5? Well it’s simple, the media puts the camera and microphone in their face the most. The media reports the candidates sound bites. The media spends 15 of the 24 hours in each day finding a way to slide that candidate’s name in front of you. Whether a quick blurb or that darn news ticker scrolling at the bottom of your TV screen, the more you see and hear someone’s name the more you find yourself engaged in casual talk about this person as your potential leader.

Donald Trump gained in popularity because of the media. The more ignorance that rolls out of his mouth, the more coverage he receives. Thanks to the media and the American sheep of voters, Donald Trump has received millions of dollars of publicity for absolutely free. We have all contributed to building the Trump brand, without it costing him and his company one penny.

Then out of desperation, I assume, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, decided to whore themselves out by picking two hot buttons that their camps knew would rock the core of the American public. Carly jumped all over Reproductive Rights, and Ben jumped on Immigration Reform and (for some strange reason) Muslims.

Wham Bam! Now look at their current standings.

People are you paying attention to what is going on?

News outlets rely on ratings. Politicians rely on votes. Both goals are only achieved if they keep our minds locked in on what they have to say. Are you a puppet or your own master? Do you have a mind of your own or are you part of the Borg (yep, I just made a Star Trek reference) just plugged in waiting for someone to think for you?

Watch your local news and count all of the positive stories. When do they show the positive stories? How many stories do they feature that involve crime, terrorism, and something negative? By watching the news you may be led to believe that there are more negative things happening in your city, town, state, and country than positive things. Watching local news that gives you blurbs of international coverage, you’re probably paranoid about traveling overseas.

Fear sells.

The only time you realize that you’re being played, bamboozled, punked, and pimped by politicians is AFTER they are in their comfy political office. For some strange reason many of them seem to suffer a bad case of amnesia and forget to follow through with their promises—the same promises made to get your vote.

It’s easy to point the finger at the person currently occupying the seat that you covet. It’s even easier to assume the seat and then blame the last occupant for why you can’t get anything accomplished. The system is flawed and the puppet masters are blinded by the superficial. Politicians in the U.S. have their jobs because we give them their jobs. When they fail us, it says more about us than it does about them. We interviewed and hired them. Yet we rarely hold them accountable to what was outlined in their job description and contract.

Now here’s something to think about—when do you realize that you have been played, bamboozled, punked, and pimped by a reporter or news outlet? Only after they have been exposed. Then you’re left to question everything that they reported in the past. Or do you really? Do you disassociate from them or tune back in?

You have more power than you think. Cut those strings and stop being a puppet!

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