Narcissism: “The Great Pretender”

The great pretenders of the world!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This posting was written for all the victims of abuse who have dealt with narcissistic people in their lives. However, as I post it today, I realize that it is “election day” in the US. There are many “pretenders” in the world of politics who are out for their own personal motives and not for the good of the country or the people. I encourage you to beware of these “great pretenders” and pray for God’s discernment and guidance as you vote…

“The Great Pretender”…
were the words that came to my mind…
as I thought of our pasts…
and the abuses of different kinds.
For we believe the lies…
as we were manipulated again and again.
For we were trusting and honest…
but deceived by narcissistic men.

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2 thoughts on “Narcissism: “The Great Pretender”

  1. Natasha, thank you so much for the reblog and all of your support. You are a blessing!!

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