What Every Track and Field Athlete Is Taught to Do When You Fall

This video clearly displays the immediate reaction, action, response, energy and mindset that every track and field athlete is taught when we fall, no matter what, no matter the odds, no matter the results, and no matter who’s watching.

Since I first started competing at the age 10 I was taught…We rise and we never ever, ever, ever give up!

This mindset transfers over into every aspect of our life.

I love this video and I’m glad my friend Staci re-posted it on Facebook. Now I can share it with you. Watch this video and then share it with everyone you know.

~Natasha (proud sprinter for life)

Source: http://www.godfruits.com/2208/runner-falls-during-the-race-of-her-life-then-gets-up-and-shocks-the-crowd.php?ref=8

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