Memorial Services for Edward Menifee: Gone but Never Forgotten

By Natasha Foreman Bryant

Edward Menifee of Stockbridge, passed away in Atlanta, Georgia on February 7th of complications from cancer, at the age of 69.

Mr. Menifee was heavily involved in the community and in various organizations. He was a lifelong member, volunteer, and board member of the Atlanta Business League. He served as their Executive Vice President from 1986-1990.

Mr. Menifee was the Founder of the South West Atlanta Youth Business Organization (SWAYBO) which got it’s start in 1974. He was also the President of Southeastern Management and Business Development Company, and a Coordinator for the State Bar of Georgia.

Those are just a few of the roles he played in the community and within organizations. He stayed active even as he fought cancer. Mr. Menifee was known for saying and believing that everyday was the best day of his life. That was how he lived his life, to the fullest, even his days in the hospital before passing away, his interaction with the hospital staff was filled with them them coming into his room for motivation, “…because that’s what he gave them, motivation….But for Ed is what more than motivation, it was life” his wife Michelle told the AJC.

Mrs. Menifee also told the AJC that she believes that all of his hard work will continue even though he is no longer physically here, and that, “He empowered enough people in the community that these things will live on,” she said.

A memorial service is planned for 11 a.m. Saturday, February 20th at Elizabeth Baptist Church, 4245 Cascade Rd, Atlanta.

Willie A. Watkins Historical West End Chapel was in charge of cremation arrangements.

To send your condolences please visit the online memorial.

To read more about the late, great Edward Menifee, view the write up in the Atlanta Journal- Constitution.

Edward Menifee is physically gone from this level of existence but his work, life, mantra, and legacy will live on, and never be forgotten.

Atlanta Business League

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Legacy Guestbook to send Condolences:

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