Marriage Cruise to Honduras and Mexico–Just What Your Marriage Needs?

The site/group Black and Married with Kids (BMWK) responded to a survey of more than 1,500 couples who said they would love to go on a cruise and participate in a marriage retreat/seminar with 5 leading experts to build or help rebuild their relationships.

Here’s some details from their website if you are interested:

The Cruise is for:
Couples Celebrating Anniversaries
Couples Who Need a Break
Marriage Ministries
Couples Who Want a Better Marriage

Only 52 Cabins Are Currently Available!

Put a Deposit On Your Cabin Today To Reserve Your Spot!
Get over $300 worth of bonuses if you place your deposit before 11:59PM on Monday August 26th, 2013! (Details Below)

You will learn…
– Better Communication Skills
– How to Handle Money & Marriage
– Tips for Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Intimacy
– Experience From Other Couples
– & Much, Much, More!

For more details or to book your trip visit:

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