Metro Atlanta Residents Concerned About Falling Trees

We have all seen the huge trees lying on the road side, in power lines, or inside someone’s home after crashing through the roof or side of the house.

Did you hear about the truck driver who passed away after a tree crashed onto his truck while he was driving on I-20? Could you imagine driving and a huge tree fall on your vehicle? There’s no warning and no quick maneuvering, it just happens.

Cascade Patch has asked the question whether Metro Atlanta residents are concerned that more trees will come tumbling down due to high winds, storms, old age of the trees, and infestation from pests. In 2011, the city of Atlanta began studying the trees of Metro Atlanta and discovered that many are reaching their last years of their life cycle. The old trees are simply dying off.

The cost to remove a tree in Atlanta is expensive, and guess what? You must have a permit especially if you live in Atlanta city limits. How many of you have $3,000 or more to have a huge tree, like an Oak, removed from your yard? Now what if you have the money but then find out that your permit to have it removed is delayed or worse, denied?

People are nervous, scared, frustrated, and angry. Do you remember when owning property meant that you could do just about anything to the property because it was yours?

Now between city and county ordinances and homeowners associations your hands and feet are bound from doing most things.

Read the most recent story posted by Cascade Patch and then chime in.

Copyright 2013. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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