Reader Comment About Tulsa OK Race-targeted Shootings

Below is a comment I found online and read, that was posted by a concerned citizen who fears a repeat of past events, current-day. Please read what she wrote, then intelligently share your thoughts:

Kimberly S.
April 7, 2012 at 9:45 pm

There is a bad feeling in the air! It’s the same feeling I felt a long time ago, when Martin Luther King was shot down, and I had to walk to school where on every corner there was a Soilders clad in their Army fatigues, in a stance with weapons ready to shoot!

There is a feeling in the air, like when President Kennedy was shot, and you saw people walking around like zombies, crying! Yall, Black, White, Africans, Puertoricans, Irish, Muslims, American Indians, who ever; wake up; that nasty feeling is in the air, making us overprotective of our children, especially our male children.

There is a feeling in the air that makes us distrust our government and what they are not saying and/or doing.

We live in fear that we are being played off against one another for a grand purpose and/or bigger picture!

I fear public, large gatherings, for fear of something breaking out like Tulsa; a copycat type of thing!

I fear another Rodney King incident that hurt everyone who witnessed it either in person, on television, or heard play by plays on the radio.

It feels like the morning of 911. I walked among the people, and I saw people crying, people who were in shock & afraid, thinking of only getting home to loved ones, and there again, there was this feeling in the air yall !

What will happen this time? Is this near the end of time that it talks about in ” Revelations”? It says no one knows the hour that all of this will be gone! At the end, ” None of this nonsense will mean anything, except how you lived and how you treated your brothers & sisters all over the world, of every color, faith, and creed!

We all need to wake up! It’s later than we think!!!!!

Copyright 2012. Some rights reserved.

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