How Can U.S. Immigration Officials Accidentally Deport a 14-year-old African American Girl?

After reading about 15-year-old Jakadrien Turner and watching the news coverage (see link below), all of this really makes me shake my head and wonder how many other American citizens are “accidentally” being deported?
See for yourself:

Missing American Girl Accidentally Deported to Columbia

How can you take someone’s fingerprints yet not do the necessary work to confirm that person’s identity? How important will it be for our government to get this young African-American girl from Columbia back to her home and family in Texas? This is pitiful and absolutely disturbing. I hope this isn’t what folks mean by ‘immigration reform’ because most of us would be out of here!

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2 thoughts on “How Can U.S. Immigration Officials Accidentally Deport a 14-year-old African American Girl?

  1. As I understand it, she lied about her identity not only in the criminal case but also in the deportation case. In fact, she fooled the Columbian Government into a passport and a recognition of citizenship there. She obviously did not appear to be a “little girl” since she convinced so many people that she was a 20 year old woman. She was obviously not “accidentally” deported as the alarmists decry. I think she was escaping incarceration through deportation. Lastly, there is confusion in the press. Grandma says she speaks no Spanish but the LA newspaper report I saw says she speaks no English. The truth must lie somewhere but where that will be is still unclear.

    • I bet she speaks Spanish Now, ” Sounds Horrible But this kind of thing happens, we are a very paranoid society and we need to all look to are roots and try to ask for forgiveness for the profiling held deep in the bowels of our heart, america is in deed a great country however what makes us great is our tolerance for all race and nationalities of people not our wealth, when i was young i remember the pledge of allegiance to the flag , and it seemed that we pledged to be one people under God.,Today we have become separated by nothing but sheer racism, hatred, and bigotry sad but true, I pray that we would look deep into our hearts and ask ourselves do we have any intolerance towards other people because they look and talk different , and if the answer is yes then we should pray for change, as time goes on america will become more diverse and our children will become more tolerant so we should start now learning how to accept others and love and respect all races and people of other colors, this of course includes Afro Americans, in the mean time I pray this young girl finds her destiny and that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will find here in America , Fact is i am sure she had many opportunities to change her course of direction during a long deportation process sounds like she wanted to be someone else and she received what she wanted , the question is why ? when we answer this question this story will no longer have the effect of looking like it does, Tone,,,,,,

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