Sean’s Thought: Definition of a Man

Thought of the day by my childhood friend Sean. Originally published on October 7, 2011.


Another lost creature on this planet is the MAN.

A MAN would fight if he had to but not because he wanted too.

A “MAN” would work till his hands were bloody to give his family food and shelter.

A “MAN” sat down his boys and told them to fight for the weak and the frail.

A “MAN” knew respect for your elders, your wife and kids meant respect for him.

A “MAN” had his word and it was enough.

Today, we have BOYS who are BIG on Words and low on SUBSTANCE, Bulging with Muscles but lack true STRENGTH, Full of OPINION but have no real IDEA.

Are PROUD to show their sons pictures but UNABLE to teach them PRIDE.

Question is… If the MEN are Boys who teaches the Boys to be MEN?


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