>Natasha’s Spiritual Thought of the Day 1.14.11


On the 8th I wrote a message for my Breaking Bread with Natasha blog reflecting on the scripture from 1 Corinthians 13:13. My aunt Valerie (aka “Princess”) wrote such a beautiful, powerful, and moving note to me that I just had to share it with everyone on that blog as well as my Paradigm Life blog; of course with her permission. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Remember my rules on this blog: Please post uplifting and encouraging words here. Refrain from advertising, promoting, or recruiting. Let us find ways to unite rather than fight!

Now let’s begin:

Valerie’s Reflection 1.9.11

There are so many benefits received from knowing God’s love.  God’s love is true.  A forgiving power filled with mercy and grace.  Its power gives us strength when we need to be fulfilled, sustained and motivated. It is impossible to imagine where I might be without God and his amazing love.  I know he loves me and I want to please him.  I have struggled with so much fear, fear to be me, fear to venture out into the sea of possibilities. I know God has a plan for our lives.  Plans to prosper us, to do good and not to harm us. I also know that no weapon formed against us shall proper.


So, I say to myself and to you, let’s please God.  Let’s please God by believing his love is the greatest force on earth; greater than any pain we will endure and definitely greater than fear that will never captivate us.  Shalom!


Love you,





Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.


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