>Taking on Education with the Younger Women’s Task Force Blog

>Tuesday my piece on education called, "Education Meltdown: Our Future in Peril, was published on the Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta (YWTF-ATL) chapter's blog. This piece discusses where we are as a country in the field of education, our youth drop out rate and its correlation to lower-paying jobs amongst other things; and the future of our country if we do not intervene now.

This is not a situation where you can say, "this doesn't affect me" or "this couldn't happen to my family". We are all in this together and what affects one group of Americans, affects all Americans- one way or another. Here is the link to my article:
http://ywtfatlanta.blogspot.com/2010/12/education-meltdown-our-future-in-peril.html I of course welcome all comments, feedback, and ideas on how we can come together to help rebuild our communities, our educational system, our schools, our reputation, and 'hope' within our children.

Natasha L. Foreman

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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