>Natasha’s LOVE Thought of the Day 10.31.10


LOVE says “let’s not fight over this”
LOVE says “let go and let God”
LOVE says “let’s make love”
LOVE doesn’t want to be lost in fear

We lose when we allow time to pass and we’re not spending it with the one we love; doing the things we enjoy and noticing God’s wonders around us.

We lose when we play games with other people’s hearts; when we won’t commit to just loving one person- having one monogamous relationship. 

We lose when we bring baby after baby into this world with multiple co-parents but we can never fully give as a complete unit; because our time is spread thin and is no longer ours to give.

We lose when we hold grudges and can’t forgive; when we punish those who hurt us by withholding love and affection. 

We lose when we don’t see ourselves and God in that other person, and when we don’t show that loving reflection in return.

How many of us lost hours and days due to an argument? If you passed away right now would that argument still matter? Would your ‘point’ still matter? Or would reclaiming that time be your most truest desire?

Think of the stories we have heard about over time and most recently about a widow, parent, or child who didn’t get the chance to say, “I love you” one last time. 

People are dying around the world over REAL issues; petty arguments trying to prove a point with a loved one aren’t worth losing precious time. We can’t get back that time. 

I don’t know about you but I want to spend my waking moments loving, being loved, and making love. I then want to spend my moments while sleeping reflecting on that love, so that my last day here on Earth- the last breath I take I can say loud and clear without hesitation that, “I KNOW LOVE!”

Take these next few moments and decide if you’re willing to waste another second without loving that person you know has your heart. Decide if being selfish or stubborn are worth not holding them in a deep embrace, staring into each other’s eyes, and passionately exchanging and blending kisses- expressing your love.

Let’s express and give more selfless love!

                          -Natasha L. Foreman

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved. 

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