>Walking in Their Shoes

>When you're honestly thinking only of yourself, then you can't possibly be concerned with anyone else. Being selfish means being exactly that, concerned only or mostly with self. When we stop, take off our shoes, and walk in the shoes of someone else- we see things from their perspective. We gain an idea of what they are going through, the load that life has placed on their back and shoulders. We see how others treat them, and the nonsense, cruelty, and injustice they must endure. We hopefully also see that life isn't just about us, our wants and needs, our issues and hang-ups, and our years of psychological baggage. There are billions of people in the world with their own baggage they are lugging around, so we need to walk through life without slamming our bags into each other, or dumping them off on someone's door step.

Consider something…Maybe if everything we considered doing (or not doing) in a relationship was done to us before we had a chance to act upon it, would we opt against it? What if every lie we told, every secret we kept, was presented to us first? What if the pain we inflicted was placed upon us before we had the chance to damage someone else? What if all the tears you caused (or are about to cause), you had to shed first?

Think of the people that you have or could harm by your actions or lack thereof. In our personal and professional lives we come in contact with many people who deserve the same respect and dignity that we do. Let's live ethically, honestly, respectfully, and consciously thinking of how we want to be treated by others…then let's treat people the same way. This doesn't apply to the sadomasochists in the world…you guys have your own unique rules- work that out amongst yourselves!



Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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