>Day 13: The Googly Eyes Speaks Volumes About My Progress

>Just finished a great workout…second for the day. Earlier was cardio with plyometrics; tonight was arms baby! I definitely feel the burn. Low weights with high reps, and about four sets each exercise; I will make sure to stretch again in the shower. Today was pretty busy as I had plenty of errands to run. I made sure to bring along my fruit smoothie to sip on the first hour or so out, and then I had a banana a couple of hours later. By the time I made it home I was hungry, and a salad was calling my name!

For dinner I had the other serving of my butternut squash soup, and a black bean patty. I had yogurt for dessert, and when I got the munchies I nibbled on a few pieces of fruit (grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe). The key to all of this is making sure I get plenty of water; staying hydrated and flushing out all the junk we don’t want inside of us is very important. I make sure to keep plenty of water beside my bed to guzzle back throughout the night when I become thirsty, and first thing in the morning when I wake up and feel like I’ve been walking through the desert for several hours. 

It is extremely important that I remain focused and disciplined these next few days, because I know that the more I drive around and am visually seeing fast food restaurants like Popeyes Chicken, McDonalds, and the like, the more my mind triggers images of the great, yet fattening foods these establishments crank out by the minute. I haven’t been tempted to visit any of them, but I also don’t want the trigger to entice me to overeat when I return home. Even though I’m not having issues with overeating since I keep getting full faster on less food. Still there is no denying that I love food, and until I control the association my mind makes with food…I must stay focused on my fast…I have two to three more days on this phase, before I begin a slow transition of other foods back into my daily regime; so I want these days to count in every way.

It is very important that if you are fasting merely for spiritual reflection, connection, and awakening that you spend quality time in a peaceful environment, taking in all of your spiritual readings, music, etc. You should focus on light exercise, and take in yoga, walking, or jogging. If however you are fasting to lose weight, then you must also incorporate moderate exercise. You should consider three to four days per week for 30-45 minutes each workout. If you are fasting in hopes of cleansing your body for one to three days, make sure your focus is on drinking plenty of water, getting ample rest, and realizing that your body does not truly begin “fasting” until day 5…so days one to three are merely eliminating the food and junk you had in your body from the previous one to two days. It is not until day five and thereafter that you begin to get down deep…no pun intended. So don’t expect major changes externally or internally in one to three days. 

I don’t recommend two-a-day workouts, especially 7 days a week (like what I’m doing) unless you are accustomed to that level of intensity, and have been given the ‘green light’ by your doctor or other medical professional. Yes, I have experienced incredible results quickly, but that also has a great deal to do with my body’s muscle memory, and ability to handle the daily workload. That is a big reason why my body is leaning out nicely, and everything is tightening up as it should…my body is remembering how it is supposed to be, feel, respond, and look (okay I’m exaggerating with the ‘look’ statement, but you get my drift). 

I know how I feel and look, and from the response I got in the mall and various stores I went to today…I can gather that other people liked what they saw also…especially a few men who kept coming by the Carol’s Daughter store peeping in….the store clerk said, “girl you have some admirers checking you out hard!” I laughed and as I grabbed my bag and receipt I smiled and casually walked out of the store taking notice of the men. I’m accustomed to getting attention, but it feels especially great when you know how good you really look…head to toe…inside and out. When you feel good you radiate a positive glow that bounces off of everyone who comes into contact with you. That is how I felt today; how I have been feeling these past two weeks. I feel just like my nickname…Sunshine!

If you are a first-time faster, inexperienced with strict fasting, or have spent a great deal of your adult life yo-yo dieting, then I would say that fasting should be complemented at the MOST by moderate exercise four days per week. We’ll have to discuss another time the difference between light, moderate, and heavy workouts. Until then, I hope that all of you have a wonderful evening! Thank you for all of your support and well wishes as I come into the stretch of this awesome fast. I will definitely post pictures soon.

Warmest wishes,


Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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